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An Emergency Solution for Video & Broadcast Teams During Mandatory Shut-Downs: OpenReel

Posted by Eliana Hassen on March 23, 2020

In what seems to be less than a week, we’ve gone from optional work-at home flexibility, to required remote working, to now entire cities locking down due to the recent global pandemic, COVID-19. As companies struggle to continue business as usual (BAU), critical communications to employees, customers and shareholders are more important now than ever. Communications will continue to be a challenge as more cities and states take the necessary actions to contain the pandemic for our greater good.

Our clients asked about solutions to the travel bans, and we responded with access to local producers in addition to video crews around the world. Our clients are now asking what to do to push forward and ensure BAU communications, now that entire cities are on lockdown. We have a tool in our box from a partnership we formed in 2018 that might help during these uncertain times: OpenReel.

What is it?

OpenReel is a great tool (app) that enables producers to remotely capture and live direct HD video anywhere right from your desk. The technology allows footage to be recorded locally on the subject’s device, ensuring that the full quality is recorded and sent directly to the cloud. It works on both Apple and Web-based platforms, allowing you to remotely pair with another phone or tablet. Additionally, the Webcam Capture feature, allows remote video capture directly from an executive’s webcam. C-Level leaders and subjects can now click on an invite link, easily giving producers the power to film and live direct right through the executive’s webcam. Now through chrome extension, directors can also capture and share the executive’s screen through the Webcam Capture feature.


  • Remote control and capture of video to ensure control over videos that need to be created without the producers on-site with executives
  • Brand control of user-generated content during this time of crisis
  • Quality control as video and media teams control capture and are able to drop editing right from the app
  • Collaboration allows team members to join and watch the video shoot in real time

Technical Features-

Full Camera Control:

  • Start/Stop
  • Focus
  • Exposure
  • ISO
  • Temperature
  • FPS
  • Stabilization
  • Teleprompting
  • Multi-Cam Capture
  • International Capture
  • Drag/Drop Editor
  • Premium Design
  • Custom Brand Kit
  • Collaborators


  • Your Subject
  • Volume
  • Battery
  • Connection
  • Speed
  • Device Type
  • Connectivity Type


It doesn’t replace a professional crew on the ground, but it does provide the ability to direct and live capture great video at a time when producers and crews are on lockdown. We feel this is an ideal remote capture solution for your video communications during this time. To reserve your spot on the schedule for a demo, please email – Eliana Hassen at eliana@crewscontrol.com.

Stay Safe.

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