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Employee Engagement + Video

Posted by Kim Moseman on February 18, 2021

In the age of the virtual workforce, executives and corporate leaders are searching for ways to maintain employee engagement, while entire teams are working from home. Video has proven time and time again, especially during COVID-19, to be an essential tool to maintain internal and external communications.

We looked closely at the type of videos that drive employee engagement and the ways you can improve your internal communication with video. After all, studies show communication drives performance. With remote workers newly scattered due to the pandemic, employees across all departments need clear messaging and support from their leaders to keep morale high. Below you will find a glimpse of our research and findings in our latest ebook.   

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Organizational communications have taken on a different tone in recent months. With companies forced into an increased adoption of remote work by pandemic conditions, employees at all levels have been unable to meet face to face.

Keeping morale and engagement high in such circumstances is a challenge, and it’s one leaders will have to face. Everything from maintaining a sense of purpose to creating a compelling experience must now be done largely remotely.

Fortune 500 companies have embraced video to make sure their messages reach team members in compelling ways that will stoke engagement. While all companies share these goals, examples of their different approaches can demonstrate how to reach out to workers through video.

To read more about the best practices for employee engagement using video, click here to access our latest ebook

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