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Generate Creative and Compelling Event Video Content

Posted by Lindsay Allen on December 28, 2022

A corporate event isn’t just a gathering of people. It’s a chance to build excitement around your business in a number of different ways. Many of those possibilities include creating and using video content.

During the lockdowns forced by COVID-19, the connection between events and video became clearer than ever. Conferences shifted to fully remote models, with event organizers employing video conferencing for all their major panels, presentations and announcements.

Now, even with in-person gatherings back on the schedule, there’s ample opportunity to keep up the connection between video and events. With a creative video strategy, you can make great use of video before, during and after all the key meetings on your calendar.

Why Produce Event Video Content?

There are a few different reasons to create video content at corporate events your company is presenting or appearing at. While the ideal mixture of content will depend on your organization’s overall business objectives, there’s plenty of value to be gained from event videos.

Possible priorities include:

  • Promoting the event: Even before you arrive at a corporate meeting, you can already be hard at work on video content. Short clips on social media can get potential attendees excited and give a clear picture of what they’ll see if they register for the event or attend your business’s presentation.
  • Creating low-overhead content: When you’re filming a panel at a live event, you’re gaining valuable footage containing your brand messaging, all without having to set up a separate video shoot. The footage captured at a conference can become a gated asset, or be the basis for many short event videos on social media.
  • Gathering unique views: An event is, at its core, a gathering of people. This means you can take advantage of the setting to work with people who don’t normally interact with your brand. You could film interviews and conversations with executives from other companies, or gather testimonials from customers.

Some video footage tied to events is captured beforehand, other content is filmed in the normal course of the conference, while still more clips can be specially scheduled around the gathering. In all cases, the event has added to the overall depth and richness of your brand video strategy.

dec ebook CTA scaled event video

How Do You Capture Great Event Video?

The process of filming an event effectively differs depending on the type of conference in question. A fully in-person or hybrid event will require a larger crew and more equipment than a virtual event. In either case, it’s important to put in some work before the convention gets underway.

Long-term prep: When your organization is putting on the event, that’s when you have the most control over the video setup, and it’s most important that you get it right. In these cases, your team should learn about the venue infrastructure and begin working up on-air graphics packages well in advance. A week before the show, your employees should be verifying that the venue can handle the intended video production approach.

Run-throughs and rehearsals: It’s also a valuable practice for event organizers to run through the schedule and beats of presentations in advance, with both technical crew and talent. Live presentations don’t allow retakes, so giving everyone a solid grounding beforehand will help the event go smoothly — and save your video editing crew some work later turning the show into view-on-demand content.

Tech setup and crew assignments: Having the right technology in the hands of professionals is an important part of generating high-quality event video. This may include deploying multiple cameras, each overseen by a camera operator, while an audio professional oversees the sound feed. You should also ensure the internet connection carrying any live video from the event is strong enough to handle the load: Using publicly accessible wi-fi can cause endless reliability problems.

Editing and post production: Once an event wraps, it’s time to turn the content into reusable video content. This could mean releasing a long-form video of a full panel, either as a gated download or a free informational video on YouTube. Alternatively, you can cut the most important moments into attention-grabbing social media clips, or cut together a trailer for a future event, starting the cycle anew.

What Are Some Creative Applications Of Event Video Content?

Event video production can take some interesting and creatively fulfilling forms when you have the right crew on your side. With video infrastructure in place at your next event, you can:

Wow your audience with AR: One of the most exciting ways to incorporate video into an event today involves a dose of technology: Augmented reality approaches such as HoloPresence™ allow you to beam live, three-dimensional video into an in-person or hybrid gathering. While in the future, this technology may become a commonplace way to save on travel, for the moment, it’s a show-stopping and impressive way to make a panel memorable.

Impress remote attendees with a virtual studio: When viewers log on to watch one of your events from home, what do they see? If you invest in technology such as a virtual studio setup, these remote attendees see a professional and well-produced experience, one that reflects well on the conference and your company as a whole. This is a way to counteract Zoom fatigue, by giving viewers a more polished experience than they’d get from the now-commonplace sight of a video chat window.

Deliver positive memories with a highlight video: A professionally shot and edited highlights package from an event is a valuable piece of content for your company. Such a clip can serve as a commercial for a future event, while also acting as a succinct overview of the most important take-aways from the gathering. Well-integrated B-roll of the city and venue make this kind of clip complete.

Why Work With An Expert Corporate Video Crew?

It’s unusual for companies to have professional-level video crews and equipment available in-house when it’s time to host a live event. This doesn’t mean you should settle for less in terms of quality or coverage. You simply need to partner with an organization that delivers the requisite level of experience and gear.
Working with Crews Control’s experts is a way to ensure your next event is well-served by creative video content, before, during and after the conference itself. Download our ebook to learn about creative applications of video or request a free quote now.

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