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Meet the Crew Behind the Crews

Posted by Valerie Nolan on October 31, 2017

Birthday: October 17th

cricket crews controlCricket Capucci is our veteran production manager who can handle any task thrown her way. Referred to as the “bulldog” of the production managers, she will not let go of a video shoot until it is done. Born and raised in Columbia, MD, she has been part of our Crews Control team for over 11 years.

Before joining our team, Cricket was a travel agent for 20 years and then went into broadcasting. With her lengthy experience from traveling and knowledge about production, it is no surprise that Cricket knows how to handle any crazy situations that arise with shoots. With her daily motto of “What can I do to make your day easier?” Cricket is a natural at orchestrating even the most complicated shoots and assisting our clients by any means necessary. Her expertise and perseverance help Crews Control flourish on a daily basis. Cricket has the uncanny ability to brighten anyone’s day at the office with a simple puppy video or by bringing in some of her incredible cooking. When she’s not working, Cricket can be found traveling around the world, creating a delicious meal or loving on her adorable pooches.

Want to know more about Cricket?

Get to know Cricket even better with staff secrets about one of our Production Managers:

The definition of “Cricket”

/’krikit/ noun
1. A hard-worker whose drive for booking shoots is only matched by her love for all things dog.
2. A hoot with great wit.
3. Fast and good at what she does.
4. Willing to share her vast wisdom with anyone who asks
5. The most down-to-earth and loving woman you’ll ever meet

Synonyms: Foodie, Dog-lover, Direct, Hard-working, Caring, Cruise Queen, Italian, Loving, and Kind.

Fun Facts about Cricket

-Since becoming a puppy foster mom in 2016, Cricket has fostered over 100 rescue puppies
-She used to be a travel agent
-Her cooking is so good, she convinced one other production manager to actually like biscuits and gravy
-She is a grandmother twice over
– She has tons of tips on traveling
– She has 3 dogs of her own: Boomer (the oldest), Buster (the loudmouth), and Bailey (AKA Baroness Von Fluff Butt).
-Cricket is not her given name

Of the Crews Control team, Cricket is the go-to person for…

“…funny videos and an uncanny memory for numbers.”
“…video shoots involving racing.”
“…the best recipes for a happy tummy.”
“…adorable puppy pictures that will brighten your day.”
“… Production Trucks shoots and Satellite trucks.”
“…fast turnarounds on projects.”

But wait… There’s more!

That’s not all there is to know about this Production Manager. Comment below to share your great stories about Cricket!

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