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6 Things to Do and Know Before You Hire a Camera Crew

Posted by Deb Nicharot on July 22, 2021

Before you hire a camera crew, there are some important things you will want to do before you sign any paperwork or pay any deposit. 

Shooting a video can be exciting and can really help your company connect with current and potential customers and clients. Company videos represent you, your brand, and consumers will form their opinions about your company based on any video production that you make available to the public. So, you must hire a camera crew that can capture your brand and message accurately on film.

Shooting a great video for your company involves doing numerous things correctly. And, if you do just a few important tasks on the front end, the camera crew you finally decide to hire can often produce a video that you will be proud of – a video that will connect with your ideal customers.

Know Your Budget for Your Video Project

We assume that most businesses put together a budget before setting out to complete any business-related project. When hiring a camera crew to shoot your business video, knowing your budget is just as important as knowing your budget for purchasing a new company vehicle or office equipment.

It’s important to note, however, that your budget is big enough to pay for a professional video project. In other words, if you want that top-quality video, be sure and have an appropriate budget. It’s always better to spend a little extra for quality rather than cutting corners to save a few bucks, resulting in mediocre video production.

Talk with Multiple Camera Crew Companies

Again, hiring a camera crew to shoot a video for your company can be exciting. You get the chance to be imaginative, possibly travel out of town to a beautiful new city, but, try not to get too excited. 

In short, don’t get so excited or feel rushed about making your video that it causes you to just go with the first camera crew you speak with because they have a great pitch. You need to talk to multiple video production companies. Doing so will give you more options, help you learn more about the industry and pricing, and ultimately help you find the perfect camera crew for your video production.

Check Online Reviews Before You Hire a Camera Crew

This is the easiest task on the whole list, checking online reviews of potential video crews. 

When seeking to hire a camera crew, always take a look at their online reviews with a simple Google search. And remember, although seeing a simple five-star Google review rating can look attractive on the surface, you’ll always want to dive a little deeper and actually read the reviews. Some companies flood their Google reviews with fake reviews, ugh. 

Additionally, there are websites like Yelp and others that can help you find out a little more about what past clients thought about their experience with any video production company you might be considering.

Ask to See Recent Work

Don’t just ask to see any work from what might be your future video crew, ask to see recent work. The reason is that the mind-blowing video they push on you from five years ago might have been the work of a videographer or crew members that are no longer with the company. So be sure to take a look at the work that a company has recently completed.

Talk to References

Finally, we suggest always asking for a few references from any video production company you’re considering hiring. Thankfully, because of the internet, it can be very easy to find previous customers and get the inside scoop on a camera crew. 

Remember those Google reviews? Go back to those, find a few reasonable reviews, and try reaching out to those companies for a little feedback.

Before You Hire a Camera Crew: A Recap

A video production that is on-point in representing your company can lead to scores of new customers and clients. And if you do just a few little things on the front end, before you hire a camera crew, your investment in your video can pay off exponentially for years.

Remember, know your budget going into a project but include enough funds so that your company can secure a high-quality video. And before your company hires a camera crew, talk with several different video production companies, read reviews, talk to previous clients, and always ask to see the recent video work of that company you’re thinking about hiring.

Do you still have questions or need more information about hiring a camera crew? Let’s chat, we can have your camera crew ready to shoot your video project, on the date you need, anywhere in the world.

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