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How Do You Reduce Video Production Budget Without Sacrificing Quality?

Posted by Debbie Camper on February 2, 2024

Corporate video production quality is key. After all, in a world where 91% of companies use video marketing, per the latest Wyzowl survey, viewers are inundated with visual content. They can tell good videos from bad ones, and will likely tune out anything that doesn’t live up to their standards.

But there’s another side to creating video content: managing your video production cost. If you’re attempting to keep your budget flat year-over-year or reduce it, does that necessarily mean cutting back on the number or production quality of videos you create?

Fortunately, the answer is no. Rather than settling for fewer videos or less polished content, you can use clever strategies and modern, tech-infused approaches to limit your video production cost. Among its other characteristics, video is adaptable, which means you can shape your strategy to make it a perfect fit for your brand — and your budget.

5 Methods To Lower Your Video Production Budget

While it would be impossible to list all the potential tweaks and adjustments that can put a dent in video production cost, there are a few notable changes that can deliver a significant impact, both immediately and as long-term parts of your strategy.

These include:

  1. Finding a Place for AI in Production Workflows: Science-fiction AI that can produce videos on its own isn’t an option for video creators today, but AI-driven productivity tools are very real. From ideation and brainstorming to video editing and post production, your crew can find subtle but effective uses for AI at every step of the process.
  2. Using Remote Production and Directing: Remote production, wherein a video’s subject uses their own device to record footage overseen by an off-site professional, rose to prominence during lockdown. Then, something interesting happened. Rather than fading away as offices reopened, this method remained popular as a way to get expert input into a video shoot without travel expenses.
  3. Increase Your Use of Animation: Animated video content doesn’t require travel expenditure, and can fit into a wide variety of use cases. You can invest in realistic 3D animation, charming 2D videos, or even reusable animated logos and bumpers. Videos made up of these animated bookends and stock footage are affordable but visually compelling.
  4. Streaming and Creating Content at Live Events: When your brand hosts or attends a live event, you have a great opportunity to stockpile relevant video content. With so many subject matter experts in one place, you can produce live-streamed videos, capture behind-the-scenes footage, and film extended interviews.
  5. Choosing Locations With Budget in Mind: Some cities and regions are considerably more affordable than others in terms of corporate video production. By picking regions with accessible transportation options, forgiving permitting systems and easily accessible gear and facilities, you can cut your costs while still capturing on-location footage.

Working with remote directors is one of the most useful strategies for companies hoping to streamline the production of their simplest videos — find out how the process works.

How To Plan an On-Target Video Strategy

Cost planning is just part of a fully featured video strategy. Since no two companies are exactly the same, your approach should be customized to fit your brand’s needs. General considerations in setting your plan for the year ahead include:

  • How much of the production process an outside video production company’s crew will handle and how much should reside with in-house employees.
  • Whether your videos are predominantly filmed on location, in a third-party studio or at an in-house studio owned by your organization.
  • How heavily your brand will employ technologies, such as 3D animation and productivity tools like AI assistants, to streamline overall video creation.

In the past, it was common for companies to turn video production over to a single creative agency, from conception to execution. In today’s decoupled era, however, highly individualized hybrid strategies are on the rise.

What causes video expenses to rise? Learn the answers on our blog.

Work with an Expert Provider

No matter what combination of third-party services you use, you should make sure your chosen video production company offers high-quality performance. A well-produced corporate video made by experts can reach your target audience effectively, and these industry insiders can help you find additional ways to limit costs while delivering value.

Crews Control’s 30-plus years in the corporate video space make us the top option when you’re deciding on a partner for your communications strategy. Using cutting-edge methods to deliver effective videos is the crux of our business.

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