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How to Live Stream Events for Optimum Promotional Power

Posted by Ashley Brook on November 8, 2018

People enjoy watching live performances because everything happens right before their eyes. Live television attracts more viewers who are eager to see unscripted interactions. The desire to see authenticity firsthand is what makes live streaming one of the most popular marketing tools today. Discover how to live stream events to achieve optimum promotional power, both with internal and external communications.

Aids Brand Storytelling

The most significant benefits of live streaming is the sense of immediacy, connect authentically, and encourage people to be part of brand storytelling. Streaming video makes it possible to share an event as it happens. People who are unable to attend in-person can still participate in the experience and benefit from it. Plus, the video can be captured to embed into a company’s website content, sent out via promotional emails, and posted on video sharing websites. It expands the breadth of events, so businesses can maximize their potential and realize a continued ROI.

Provide a Sneak Peak

Live streaming events give people a sneak peek into what the company offers. The streaming video should be planned yet “impromptu”. Unlike a commercial or webinar, live streaming is a genuine experience. Events can be educational, introduce the benefits of new products, describe services, or answer consumers’ questions. Other live streaming events may include company town halls, quarterly meetings, conference live links, press events, and demos. Live streaming can also be used with other platforms to enhance the promotional campaign.

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Engage and Demonstrate 

Live streaming may include critical employees, customers, brand ambassadors, and influencers. Streaming allows access to your brand in a participatory environment. The audience gets involved in real-time, making them an integral part of the live event as it happens. Make a connection with the audience then demonstrate what the company can do for them – especially if they are your internal clients or your colleagues! Show, rather than tell, what makes the business valuable to them for a meaningful interactive experience. This strategy increases engagement and boosts lead generation. Recent research showed 82 percent of viewers like live video more than reading social media post, and 80 percent prefer live streaming video over reading blogs.

Enjoy the Event and Have Fun 

Live events can take on a life of their own.  If something varies from the plan, have a sense of humor and let go. Show the company can be flexible and fun. Be in the moment, let the event unfold naturally, and improvise if necessary. The modern customer relates more to a human approach than a brand that tries too hard to be perfect. Since the 1990s, companies have attracted customers with the spontaneity of live streaming video. Plan for the unexpected, which makes the presentation like no other. Today people are doing it via their websites, special sites, and social media to reach a broad audience. According to Deloitte’s 10th Digital Democracy Survey, nearly half the American population subscribes to streaming video services.

Compelling Content and a Unique Experience 

A live streaming event should grab attention with compelling content and a unique experience. Select a host that is engaging, informed and knows how to connect with a live audience and help create an interactive event. Encourage comments and questions from the audience, which are screened by staff members. Include a team of journalistic conversationalists to fill in time during breaks or other dead time. Another option is having a giveaway to encourage greater participation in the live streaming event. Offer an exclusive download to remote event participants. When they arrive at a landing page, have them share their email addresses to get the download and help the company generate more leads. Know your target market when you schedule and promote live streaming events. For example, the largest number of surfers and shoppers are online on Sundays and Mondays. However, early mornings are usually the worst time for interactive live presentations since people are unable to respond during these hours.

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Get Sociable

Cross-promotion is an effective way to spread the word about live events and encourage more people to get involved. Post updates and snippets of the event on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. Encourage participants to use a specific hashtag when they have a question or comment. Capture a video of the live event to offer via email promotions and provide a link to it on the company’s social media accounts. Take advantage of platforms such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitter’s Periscope to attract more viewers. Offer exclusive access to live streaming events for a feeling of exclusivity. Script certain parts of the event to share on the company blog.

Include a Call to Action

Much like other content marketing strategies, live stream events should always include a call to action. The goal is to get participants to act immediately. Offer a special discount available to participants only. Inform them about upcoming events and encourage them to visit a landing page link to sign up for reminders. Post-promote the video after the event and continue to offer unique discounts and follow-up opportunities. Always thank the audience at the end of the live event. Repurpose live video recordings at sites such as SlideShare and Vimeo to expand their reach.

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  1. Hi Ashley:
    A timely article. I’ve done 2 live events in the last month. One was a corporate event with the management team speaking to the troops. The event was streamed from the Springfield, OR area to satellite company locations in Peru, Spain, USA and the Netherlands to bring vital news to employees. It was given in 2 languages and in post, we edited the stream and added English and Spanish subtitles.

    Last week I streamed a funeral mass. The family had members in the mid west that could not make it because of the holiday and distance. One family member was in a distant country. They were very grateful to virtually attend and many have since watched the funeral mass again. An excellent use of technology in my opinion.

    Cheers, Scott

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