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Inspiration for Your Next Testimonial Video

Posted by Meredith Kain on March 8, 2016

Testimonial videos should be the bread and butter of your marketing strategy. 85% of people say that online reviews sway their decisions in choosing a business, and 73% of people say that positive customer reviews influence their trust of a company. Customer reviews have now become an integral part of purchasing habits, and the best way to keep reviews of your company genuine and authentic is through testimonial video.

Having someone vouch for you and your business isn’t the difficult part – it’s keeping the testimonial video interesting and engaging. Looking for ideas to freshen up your testimonial videos? Here are a few that are great to draw inspiration from:

Life Technologies

What makes this video great: brevity, first and foremost. It’s too easy to tune out a video that drags on, but they get to the point almost right away. The subject of the video first establishes legitimacy by talking about his body of work, and then brings in his testimonial on how Life Technologies improved the quality of his work. The testimonial is genuine, authentic, and accomplishes its goal in less than 90 seconds. This video is clear, concise, and doesn’t waste the viewers’ time.

Groves Lending Team

What makes this video great: Again, it’s another short video that gets to the point right away – but what makes this one different is that it’s more than just a testimonial. It’s a beautifully produced sales video that supplements its pitch with testimonial. They talk about a service they offer, and then display client satisfaction for that particular service. The combination of sales and testimonial isn’t overdone or pushy, but done in a way that allows for the Groves Lending Team to let their product and services speak for itself.

Conk Creative: The Anti-Testimonial Video

What makes this video great: It’s different, it’s humorous, and personality shines through. While it’s unclear at first the purpose of the anti-testimonial, about halfway through the video takes a very sharp, heartwarming, and witty turn. The creativity and story-telling of this testimonial video is a prime example of innovative video marketing.

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