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Role Of A Corporate Video Producer: Six Creative Qualities That Matter

Posted by Valerie Nolan on November 20, 2018

Creativity and research are the cornerstones to making an effective corporate video. Marketing videos cannot be dry and impersonal if one hopes to attract a large audience. An original approach to video production means consumers will be entertained, engaged, and educated – and there’s never a dull moment. But video success goes far beyond that these days. Consumers should feel the content is speaking directly to them, addressing their feelings and concerns. Discover the six creative qualities that matter most to successful corporate video producers.

Inspiring Emotion

A producer should carefully review the research on the target market. Are they looking to laugh, learn or find enlightenment? With 55 percent of people watching videos online daily, focusing on how they feel makes a production stand out from the rest. A compelling corporate video inspires emotion and addresses a need. Whether the video speaks to businesses or consumers, it must reach out to actual people. A fresh and exciting perspective entertains viewers as they get essential information. Making an emotional connection is the strongest way to communicate with people. A producer must get into their heads and make them nod in agreement. Include a limited time call to action in the video, so viewers want to connect with the company immediately.

Getting Up Close and Personal

In a fast-paced and impersonal world, people notice when a company gets personal. Go beyond a traditional video that tries to appeal to a broad audience. Narrow down the production to make every individual viewer a star. Personalized videos are an innovative way to get attention. Everyone is curious to see a production that makes them the central role in the story or relates to them directly. Recently, a data management company decided to create a personalized video campaign to target 10,000 leads. The results were amazing. Almost 30 percent of those who received the email clicked through to watch a video meant just for them. Personalized campaigns take targeting and creativity to a higher level of engagement.

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Capitalizing on Pop Culture

Seasoned producers and marketers recognize the power of trending topics, especially when these topics relate to their industry. While pop culture has a limited shelf life, it gets people to notice a corporate video. Incorporate popular topics into unique content to create a video that is both new and familiar. Transform a boring brand into a stylish tastemaker. Use a catchphrase from a hit television show or movie to attract a broader audience. You will need legal permission to add a well-known character to your campaign, but people respond to familiarity and appreciate a cool approach that recognizes what everyone enjoys at that moment.

Exploring Multiple Mediums

The best video producers use multiple media to appeal to various target audiences. Animated figures have universal appeal and are a great way to reach out to a younger market. Motion graphics grab attention and bring a sense of adventure to the production. The combined use of 2D and 3D media add depth and interest to corporate videos. Are you tackling a serious topic or showcasing a new product? Simplify a complex subject by using animation and graphics. Dare to push the boundaries to create a corporate video people want to watch. The ultimate goals are to get as many people to see the video as possible and elicit a positive reaction.

Embracing Creative Risk

Learn to embrace creative risk in video production. Its best to set trends rather than just following them. Don’t be afraid to use different media in a new way. Ask controversial questions that compel people to provide answers and opinions. Get people to talk, share, and remember a corporate video. If nobody else has done it before, this is your time to be an initiator rather than a follower. Innovation is what makes brands memorable. Observation and collaboration inspire the type of risky behavior that transforms ordinary corporate video into a stellar presentation that clients want to see. Structured and analytical brainstorming generates fresh ideas that are worth taking the risk. Be ready to leave tried-and-true tactics behind. Even great ideas eventually get old and saturated, so its beneficial to be ahead of the curve.

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Being an Adventurous and Flexible Thought Leader

Being an adventurous and flexible thought leader begins with the familiar concept of nothing ventured, nothing gained. According to a study by Adobe and Forrester Consulting, 82 percent of companies believe there is a connection between creativity and business results. Companies that support creative thinking surpass their competitors in market share, revenue growth, and creative leadership. Convey a sense of adventure by embracing life and inviting new experiences. Be flexible and recognize the value of being open to a wide range of possibilities. Use passion and imagination to become a thought leader that produces a corporate video like no other.

It takes much more than “thinking outside the box” to be a creative corporate video producer. The video production process requires collaboration, observation, research, flexibility, imagination and research to make an emotional connection with consumers. A producer must dare to be fresh and different to resonate with his or her target audience.

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