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The Future of Hybrid Events is the Future of Corporate Gatherings

Posted by Andrea Keating on August 18, 2021

If 2020 was the year of virtual technology and the remote workforce, then 2021 is the year of hybrid events. Following a challenging year for the conference industry, the idea of hybrid events has become a part of the corporate playbook. The transition from fully in-person or online events to a hybrid model provides a great opportunity to rethink how corporate gatherings are organized. It’s also a good time to bring in partners that can elevate the experience.

73% of event professionals queried in mid-2020 said they were planning a hybrid event for that year — and the poll was conducted at a hybrid event. Over the next few years, innovation for hybrid events will likely manifest in more volume and variety of these gatherings. Below you will find a glimpse of our research in our latest ebook.   

Hybrid Events Cover v2 1 hybrid events

Hybrid event — It’s a term you’re likely hearing everywhere, and with good reason. If your company hosts or attends a corporate gathering in the near future, it may just take this form. But what exactly makes an event hybrid?

It’s actually simple. A hybrid event is a gathering where some percentage of the proceedings takes place in person and some remotely, via video. This may mean audience members watching from home, presenters teleconferencing in or anything in between.

As these events become more popular, companies hosting them must make sure they have the infrastructure to ensure both sides — in-person and digital — are up to high standards. Going hybrid opens up events to a broad new audience, and strong production values can be key to pleasing this expanded group.

To read more about the best practices for hybrid events, click here to access our latest ebook

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