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Types of Production Companies for Your Corporate Video Strategy

Posted by Debbie Camper on September 27, 2023

Producing corporate video today isn’t a job for amateurs — if you want to impress your target audience, you can’t settle for anything less than a high level of video production expertise.

Today’s viewers are inundated by video content. They can tell when an organization has put in the effort to create visually engaging materials. That adds pressure to your task when designing a corporate video strategy.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. There are numerous third-party crews, video production agency options and other partners available to provide their expertise, giving you a cost-effective and targeted way to bring your brand video creation up to high standards.

As for which type of production team or organization you should choose, that’s up to you — it all comes down to the target audience you’re aiming for and the kind of video content you’re creating, as well as your available resources and ideal timeline.

What Types of Production Companies Can Help with Corporate Video?

When choosing between video production companies, you need to consider the types of services you’ll look to these businesses to provide. In today’s decoupled production landscape, you can find experts to provide production services that include:

  • On-location or in-studio filming.
  • Post production, visual effects and editing.
  • Corporate event live streaming.
  • Animation services and motion graphics.
  • Content localization and modification.
  • Start-to-finish short film or TV commercial production.
  • Application of technology (augmented reality, interactive video and more).

When you need these services and others like them, you can select from a few different models:

  • Work with an all-in-one creative agency: This is a traditional model of content production in which the hands-on video production is taken on by the same company that conceptualized the materials. In recent years, these agencies have become less prominent due to their lack of flexibility, both creatively and cost-wise.
  • Build an internal video department: If you feel that you’ll need video content on a consistent basis, your organization can take on specialized staff, buy equipment and build production studio facilities. This approach isn’t available to all businesses due to its high upfront costs, and it, like the agency model, can lack flexibility.
  • Hire a third-party video crew: The value of outsourced video crews comes from the low level of commitment. If your brand needs the assistance of video production experts for just one video, you can hire these professionals for a single job. You can also escalate the relationship, lining up more work for the future or contracting multiple different crews based on their locations or specialties. 

A video production company that connects you with top crews is a powerful partner in the current era of video production. Flexibility is the watchword for video product content creation today. Being able to always work with the right people for the job — regional on-location filmmaking experts, editors with access to the latest technology, animators and other creatives — gives you adaptability while keeping you organized and on-task.

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How Can You Optimize Your Video Strategy in a Decoupled Era?

There are no hard-and-fast rules about what parts of video production must stay in-house and which are best assigned to outside experts. Vidyard’s guide to video production company models points out that when you need to work with expensive gear or call on a specialist in a niche video style, outsourcing is likely your best bet  — that type of equipment and filmmaking knowledge is typically not available to an in-house department.

Agility is a prized quality today, and as DesignRush notes, this is what you gain from working with an outside video production agency. When your brand has the freedom to pick and choose its video production partners for each new job, rather than having to build up an internal department, you always have the talent and resources you need. 

Learn how today’s companies are finding new ways to run their content strategies.

What’s Your Ideal Mix of Internal and Outsourced Video?

While there is real value to outsourcing to third-party film production crews, this doesn’t mean your brand won’t have any use for in-house video talent or producers. One of the hallmarks of the post-decoupling era is that you can mix and match, handing each step of the video content pipeline to the production house, person or team best equipped to handle that specific part of the production process for that exact project.
True collaborations are possible — candid video filmed on your employees’ own devices turned into raw material for a social media marketing campaign via added animation elements, an industry event where your team and third-party videographers work together to create educational content, and so on. Now, all you have to do is start talking to a video production organization about turning your ideas into reality. Read our ebook to get a clearer look at your options.

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