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Unlock Efficiency by Outsourcing Video Editing

Posted by Deb Nicharot on September 26, 2023

Corporate video strategies today need to be sophisticated for the finished content to stand out to each company’s target audience. After all, so many companies produce video clips today that a little extra effort is necessary to make industry-leading offerings.

One way to build out a high-quality video strategy is to break up the responsibilities, with some roles potentially handled in-house and others outsourced to a variety of expert production partners. For companies that take this approach, editing and post-production are some of the top choices to hand over to third parties.

Video editing is a highly specialized process. By hiring outside professionals to handle your video editing needs, you can keep your internal teams focused on their core responsibilities, all while ensuring you receive a polished, compelling finished product.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Editing?

The key advantages of outsourcing to a video editing service all come from one simple fact: It’s a way to assign a specialized task to the people who know it best.

If you were to build out a professional video editing pipeline for video footage within your own organization, the resource demands would be considerable — full-time salaries for each expert video editor, capital spending for the latest video editing software and more.

While training internal employees in the ins and outs of editing is another option, it’s a challenging prospect, too. After all, you’ll need to find someone capable of instructing your team members and wait as they build their skills.

All of that is why, in resources such as Hubspot’s guide to outsourcing, video editing is listed as a top priority for companies assigning some work to partner organizations. Working with top experts only when you need them for a specific project is a way to keep your overall costs down without sacrificing quality.

Even as the state of the art in editing evolves, a professional video editor will keep up with the latest developments in both technology and stylistic preferences. Having constant access to this updated knowledge is a leading reason to work with an outsourced video editor.

If you work with a reliable third-party video editing service, you can strike up an ongoing relationship with that business. This connection will help you keep producing high-quality content over time, all without sacrificing the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of video editing outsourcing.

How Can You Outsource Video Editing to Improve Your Content Workflow?

Editing work is a significant component of a finished video. In today’s content creation landscape, all those various elements can be assigned to different departments, partner organizations and agencies, all based on who is best suited for a specific task.

In the past, this level of customization was less common. Organizations would either build extensive internal departments or turn their operations over to all-in-one creative agencies. That was several rounds of decoupling ago, however.

Today, you can shape your video production pipeline based on what you need. If your brand mostly uses a specific type of video, such as social media marketing clips or event live streams, you can build a dedicated workflow around creating that content, with an ideal team of internal and third-party collaborators working together.

What kind of content can you produce with your purpose-built team of in-house and outsourced experts? You have a great opportunity here to push the envelope in terms of bold-looking video, with advanced features your viewers will react to.

Interactive video elements, augmented reality (AR) content, advanced 3D animation for logos, intros and more — these are just a few of the innovative additions that can help your video footage stand out. With a third-party professional video editor on call, you can make these a natural part of your content strategy.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Editing Approach?

One of the most exciting parts of video editing outsourcing is that the commitment and investment are less than they would be if you were creating an in-house department. This means you’re free to experiment, trying out new approaches and shortening your overall timelines.

Perhaps outsourcing video editing is the only third-party service you’re interested in. This would mean hiring professional video editors to add an extra level of polish to raw footage captured with your own talent on equipment you own or rent. Alternatively, it can be just one service in a whole lineup of tasks handled by third-party experts.
Whatever you choose, the whole video editing process, and content creation as a whole, should be guided by your needs. What kind of videos do you need most, and which professional video editing service provider seems best able to achieve the results you’re looking for? To take a closer look at video editing and more in a decoupled world, read our latest ebook.

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