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Advising global media and video leaders is serious business. The heart of communications lies with the content creation that global media leaders are tasked with; ultimately carrying and delivering the brand promise. A video strategy is the first step in devising a plan for how to leverage video as a communications tool both externally and internally in an organization. Crews Control Consulting leverages 32 years of global expertise as partners to the world’s most complex media organizations on their most high-stake shoots. Coupled with our practice leaders, we can provide a framework for devising a video strategy or assessing your current strategy in a maturity model. From assessing – Executive Sponsorship, Product and Business line alignment, planning and delivery our consultants will deliver sound astute advice on everything from merging multiple video teams, to creating a new normal post COVID-19. Our practice leaders have combined experience of 60+ years across agency and corporate media teams.


Your single most important asset and key to success as a media leader is the team you lead. From ensuring you build a clear manifesto to rally behind to ensuring an inclusive and thriving culture, happy engaged teams = strong business performance. Crews Control Consulting can help you to design the high-performance team you need from developing job descriptions, to designing succession plans for your supervisors, and everything in between, our practice leaders are versed in people, video and management. Allow us to assess the critical skills needed to help you achieve the business outcomes you desire. We can design a work force to help drive content excellence.

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Find the inefficiencies, create critical redundancy planning, increase capacity by up to 30% while decreasing cost – yes, it is possible. Crews Control Consulting leverages 32 years of data to help design a workflow that looks at every aspect of the content capture to production process, identifying and leveraging smarter ways to work. From what to outsource, and who is underutilized, we will get to the bottom of every bottleneck, leaving increased capacity as the delivered outcome. This process is led by an experienced practice leader with a minimum of 20+ years of global media leadership and a management consultant with a focus on creative operations.


Communications technology is different than enterprise wide technology. The selection, vetting and implementation of Comms or Marketing specific software requires the lens of a communicator. As an agnostic partner, Crews Control Consulting, has created a platform for the best-in-class communication technology companies to provide a collaborative space to create bespoke technology solutions for our clients. Let us evaluate how technology can enhance the work your team is doing through further collaboration and enablement.

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Re-Organizing Production Studios in a Post Covid World

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