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10 Tips for a Success Corporate Video Shoot in Buenos Aires

Posted by Kim Moseman on August 3, 2018

Bueno Aires is Argentina’s bustling cosmopolitan capital. Often called the “Paris” of South America, due to its European style architecture and cosmopolitan people, Buenos Aires has plenty to offer any traveling producer. But what should you know before planning a video shoot in la Reina del Plata?  We talked to DP Frank Spinosa about 10 tips to make the most of your Buenos Aires shoot.

1. Obelisco de Buenos Aires: This national monument was constructed in 1936 to celebrate and commemorate Buenos Aires’ 400th anniversary. Standing proudly in the unofficial center of the city, it has remained a durable reference point for locals and tourists alike. This monument is very iconic to the city and makes for a great establishing shot.

2. Language: Spanish is the native language in Argentina. English is not widely spoken so it is advised that you brush up on your Spanish before arriving to the city, or hire a translator.

3. Transportation: Black taxis with yellow roofs and colorful buses can take you anywhere you need to go in the city, but your best option for transporting heavy equipment would be to rent a car and driver. “Paid parking is widely available but not necessarily available on the street,” Spinosa said.

CROPPEdjuan cruz mountford 572977 unsplash 2 shooting video Buenos Aires Argentina

4. Permits: Certain areas of the city require permits to film there. A fixer is usually required to obtain a permit. For more information on permits, click here.

5. Fixers: Hiring a fixer during your time in Buenos Aires can help make your entire visit go a lot smoother. Whether its for translation or navigation around the city, a fixer will help you. “Large camera kits and expensive gear is sometimes troublesome to get into the country,” Spinosa said. “Our fixers can suggest the best way to do this if necessary.”

6. Traffic: Much like any other major city, traffic is very apparent and chaotic in Buenos Aires. “It needs to be taken into account when moving from place to place,” Spinosa said.

7. San Telmo: San Telmo lends a very bohemian vibe to the city. With many late-night bars, street murals and pop-up galleries, this neighborhood is perfect for wining, dining and really experiencing the city’s culture.

8. Weather: One thing to note when visiting Buenos Aires is that you will be in the Southern Hemisphere. Thus, summer is in January and winter is in June. The city has a temperate climate with moderate temperatures so filming tends to be enjoyable.

eduardo sanchez 251246 unsplash shooting video Buenos Aires Argentina

9. Tango: The city of Buenos Aires moves to rhythm of the Tango. Finding dancers to film is an easy feat and ideal for a classic Argentina shot. The Tango scene is very popular among foreigners as well and is worth appreciating a good show.

10. Cuisine: The people of Buenos Aires have a passionate love of good food, so there are definitely some custom dishes you must try when visiting. This includes asado, empanadas, milanesa and alfajores. None of this seem familiar to you? Check out more food options and descriptions here.

Key Take-Aways:

  • “Usually the best way to go is get local camera crews involved, they know their way around and this saves time and money,” Spinosa said.
  • Hiring a local fixer will help your visit go by smoothly
  • Indulge in the delicious food and vivacious rhythm of the city!

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