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10 Tips for Shooting Video in Barcelona

Posted by Kim Moseman on February 13, 2019

Barcelona is the capital of Spain’s Catalonia region. This city is rich with historic-artistic heritage and hosts frequent traditional celebrations. With a contemporary seaport, several historical sites and sunny beaches, it’s no wonder Barcelona is one of the world’s most frequently visited cities.  Barcelona has much to offer any traveling producer, but what do you need to know before your next video production?  We talked to production manager Eva Termini about the top 10 tips for shooting corporate video in Barcelona.

1.Weather: “The weather is pleasant throughout the year, even though we go through all four seasons,” Termini said.  Mediterranean weather is typically very sunny and comfortable. Summers are hot and humid, especially in August. Autumn is vibrant with many colors and it snows very rarely in the winter. Spring is a contrast of sunny, rainy and chilly. The best time to visit Barcelona is from April to July and September to October.

2. Language: Most people in Barcelona speak both Catalan and Spanish. Many locals understand and speak English, but road signs are in Catalan. Consider hiring a translator or brushing up on these languages before your trip.

3. Architecture: One of the most recognizable aspects of the city is the unique architecture. Structural designs range from Gaudí to avant-garde. There are also medieval and Roman structures still standing in the city. This diversity in architecture makes for iconic footage opportunities. Some must get shots include the Design Museum, Park Güell, the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona, Casa Batlló, and El Bisbe Street.

daniel corneschi 627754 unsplash shooting video barcelona

4. Equipment: Like in any major city, it is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially during busy shoots. “Careful with being distracted when carrying pieces of equipment and do not leave it unattended,” Termini said.

5. Gothic Quarter:  The Gothic Quarter is a province in Barcelona where the past meets the present.  Narrow, medieval streets lead the way to many trendy bars and restaurants. Artisans also sell jewelry and leather outside the Cathedral of Barcelona and street-food vendors line up along Las Ramblas. This area is perfect for capturing b-roll of locals and tourists alike.

6. Transportation: The best ways to get around the city are by metro, motorcycle or bicycle. But if you have heavy equipment you need to transport, hiring a driver or getting a rental car is your most practical method of transportation. “Taxis are pricey and not always respectful, but are an easy option,” Termini said. “Parking is very complicated around the city.”

7. Traffic: “Even though we have great public transportation, most people commute to work from the surrounding areas to the urban areas,” Termini said. Be prepared for rush hour traffic in the morning and early evenings. This will need to be taken into account during tight shooting times.

8. Montjuïc: This prominent hill looks over the Barcelona harbor and used to be a crucial part of the city’s defense strategy. Over the years, Montjuïc has become a major tourist magnet because of its many attractions, like a cable car that overlooks the city, Montjuïc Castle and the Grec Theatre Gardens. By stopping here you can capture several different features of Barcelona without having to go far!

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9. Permits: You will need a permit while shooting in Barcelona, but the type of permit depends on where you’re shooting and how big your crew is. To determine what permit you need, click here.

10. Food: There are many traditional Barcelona dishes you should delve into during your stay, with no shortage of restaurants to go to.  Termini recommends visiting Can Culleretes for Catalan cuisine, Bar Tomás in Sarria, which has award winning patatas bravas and tapas, and La Fonda del Port Olimpic for seafood.  For a list of classic Barcelona cuisine to try, click here.

Key Takeaways:

-Now is a good time to brush up on your Spanish and Catalan.

-The architecture in Barcelona is very unique, diverse and worth capturing on video.

-The best time to visit is April-July and September-October.

And if you’re planning an upcoming shoot in Barcelona, you can trust Crews Control to get you the best local crew with the equipment you need.  Just click here for a free quote!

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