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How to Position Video for Your External Corporate Communications

Posted by Valerie Nolan on February 7, 2019

Corporations today are constantly competing for communication space in a complex, always changing digital world. There are so many aspects of managing an effective online presence, but one of the biggest, and still growing, strategies any company should move towards is investing in great video content. Video is currently dominating the realm of original content, across industries. But it shouldn’t only be limited to your marketing needs (though it definitely should be a big part!). In fact, there are a ton of ways your company can use video to more effectively bolster your overall external corporate communications.

Video is Your Number One PR Tool

In some ways, PR is definitely an aspect of company marketing, but rather than striving for direct conversions and sales, PR is about building up a brand and managing a positive reputation. Equally important in the long run of sustaining and growing a successful business. Utilizing video can help your company portray the narrative that most accurately reflects your corporate culture.

One way to accomplish this would be to vary some of the video content on your social media channels. Rather than advertisements, offers, or product/service descriptions, devote a few campaigns to giving an “Insider’s Look” at how your organization runs. Show the benefits that employees and clients get, without a direct call to action. These first person “insider” videos can help your audience put a face and personality to your brand.

Focusing some video content on community outreach efforts can also be a good way to positively show your local investment, where ever you may be. But be careful, there’s a fine line between genuine sharing that also benefits your corporate image, and a conceited effort to appear a certain way that may come across as purely self-promotional.

Educate Potential Customers

Video can be utilized as a truly engaging means to educate potentially new customers. Think about it: people are more likely to want to watch a video rather than read a wall of text. Experiment and use video as a way to replace text, to communicate a message more effectively.

corporate communications video production

Think about specific webpages or planned communications campaigns that can be better positioned using video. A homepage showing a more in depth look at a company with video is more authentic and interesting than a few stock photos that are semi related to a given industry. Replacing FAQs with a solid single-speaker set up or showing the specific products or services you provide in exciting ways can help new visitors really get a feel for what your corporation is all about, without feeling like they’re being “sold to” or pressured.

Additionally, video can be used to share valuable content with active or returning customers. Depending on your industry, use video to conduct seminars, teach online classes, give helpful tips, promote company news or events, all shared exclusively with returning members.

Livestream Events, Conferences, Seminars

Livestreaming may be viewed as a general marketing tool, but it’s also another way to leverage video for your general external corporate communications needs. There’s nothing more exclusive and engaging than a live event. If potential participants or attendees are traveling, offering a livestream is an awesome way to still drive buzz and viewership around corporate event.

Exclusive online classes or seminars can be produced on a more regular basis than most live events. Combine live-streaming efforts with social media platforms like Facebook Live or Instagram TV. Utilizing social media livestreams will help you create very modern, super accessible content to a wider audience. There are risks inherent with any kind of live production, but with the right crew, procedures and policies in place you can ensure a livestream goes off without a hitch. In most cases, the benefits far outweigh any risks.

Utilize Video as a Newsletter

Odds are some form of subscription-based email newsletters are already a big part of your external corporate communications plan, and that’s great. Emails are a good way to keep your customer base engaged with new content and exclusive offers. And great copy still has an important role in strong communication. However, have you thought about using video in a similar way?

corporate communications video production equipment

Not only could video content be embedded in specific newsletters, it can become the newsletter. Instead of, or in addition to, weekly or bi-weekly emails, consider a monthly vlog that accomplishes the same tasks. It’s another great way to give your company an actual face while sharing exciting news, content, or offers.

Update Investors and Shareholders

The same concept could be applied to communicating with investors and shareholders. A video shared exclusively with your company’s leadership team is a lot more exciting and personal than an email update, especially if members aren’t in the same location. Video helps add a little more context that a regular email might lack.

Training Videos

Training videos aren’t only limited to current or on-boarding employees. Depending on your industry, it may be helpful to have some externally facing videos that go through a specific process step-by-step. Think of it like a well-made unboxing video – it’s a preview of your services or product.

Let’s say you’re a company that produces woodworking tools. You might produce a training video that shows a viewer how to build a specific project and illustrating why your tools are the best for the job. Sure, the video is a means to give your product face time and show it in action, but you’re also providing the viewer with valuable knowledge, which in turn can help build trust.

No matter your industry, video continues to be a leading strategy for effective communication. While video should absolutely have a role in your marketing plan, don’t be afraid to experiment and make video a permanent fixture in your external communications.

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