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Why You Should Use Animation Videos to Build Your Brand

Posted by Ashley Brook on February 18, 2019

In the ever growing and changing race for more content, trying to build a brand can be difficult. Video communications in particular is becoming an increasingly crowded field. Though it’s absolutely essential for your business marketing, distinguishing your brand in a medium like video can seem complex.  However, there are definitely solutions and animation videos are one way to stand out. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of using animation videos and how they’ll help your brand grow!

Animation Puts You In Complete Control

With animation videos, you’re basically starting from scratch. While that can seem daunting, it should also be extremely exciting. Why? Because anything is possible. Using animation as a building block for your overall branding can carry across to all other areas of how your brand communicates. You can implement brand colors, general tone, imagery, while structuring any setting to fit your message.

If positioned correctly while staying in-line with the goals and values of your company, animation can become the face of your brand. Think about Geico. Their charming, British gecko has become synonymous with the brand. Despite the insurance industry’s seemingly dull or boring position from the perspective of a customer, every ad is creative and entertaining. In creating a unique face, the brand not only becomes more memorable, but more likable. Being remembered and well-liked should be a goal for every business across any industry.

Simplify Productions

Believe it or not- animation can simplify your productions, and even save you money. Think about it. With animation, you can eliminate the need to book actors, obtain location permits, or invest in expensive video production equipment like cameras, tripods, and lighting. Plus, your production will no longer be left up to the chance timeline of a physical shoot. What if weather interferes? Or a crew delay puts the shoot two hours behind? Or your executive reschedules for the third time? With animation, you’re in better control of all deadlines and deliverables. Plus, a finished animation product looks highly tailored and professional, and will help your company or campaign stand out in a way that live video just can’t compete with.

Stand Out from the Crowd

If your company can approach animation from a fresh, creative place, it can do wonders in helping your brand stand out from its competitors. And if the creative choices that go into animations align with your company values and general brand goals, it can be the foundation that the rest of your digital marketing and visuals builds from.

For instance, take Headspace:

Headspace is an app that teaches meditation techniques, from the very basics to more advanced, targeted towards people who have never used them before. Their goal is to promote wellness practices while giving users the opportunity to take their mental health into their own hands via a mobile app (though their resources also work through their website).

The voiceover explanation in the video on its own is informative. It calmly explains the basic philosophy of Headspace and why it may be beneficial. However, it’s the visuals that really help it to stand out. The characters are unique and one of a kind. The scenarios are relatable, but ultimately not too stress-inducing, which is pretty on brand. The colors all match a similar palette. The great thing about these animations is how they transfer so easily across individual ads. And since those same visuals are part of the general user-experience, they’re really a central part of Headspace’s branding.

Make Everything Memorable

What Headspace does well in its animation videos is making a step-by-step, explanation video not only memorable, but entertaining. Video productions with voice over can easily venture into talking head territory, but the use of animation can help eliminate that risk altogether.

While animation is definitely a great choice when considering ramping up your digital marketing and external communications efforts, brand-building starts internally. Think about the types of videos that are common internally within any industry. Are they pretty dull? Does it seem like there’s only one way to do them?

Illustrator taking notes for animation videos.

Maybe it’s the same-old training videos or quarterly updates to shareholders. Often those videos are full of statistics, figures, or general rules. How can these necessary concepts be delivered in a more memorable fashion? Well, given the content of most of this article, we’d say animation! The great thing about animation is that it can take old formulas and inject new life into them. It’s a perfect opportunity to get creative and try something different.

Is Animation Right for You?

Using animation videos for brand building might not be right for every company. While it certainly offers an enticing amount of freedom, animation also requires a discerning eye.

If you’re thinking about using animation, start small and don’t be afraid to experiment. If your company is fairly established and you’re looking to shake things up, animation can be a great way to subvert general expectations and take your brand in a new direction. For newer organizations just starting out, now is the time to experiment and figure out what creative choices will work best for your brand. And who knows, animation might just be the key to your brand’s future!

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