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The 5 Minute Guide to Internal Video Email

Posted by Valerie Nolan on July 13, 2016


The typical corporate employee can receive over 100 emails a day. With approximately 4 billion accounts worldwide, email traffic is at an all time high, and it’s hard to cut through all of that noise. In other words, your emails need to stand out if you don’t want them skimmed.

But how does one go about perfecting an engaging email?

Add video.

Videos are a multipurpose investment, and a wise choice when choosing a method to reach out to your workforce, digital audience and clientele.

Let’s break down the benefits of communicating with video in your company’s emails with the five W’s.

The Who

The scope of people your emails will reach is massive. Employees, stakeholders, upper management and even potential clients can be privy to your email, and an enticing visual message can communicate your thoughts and ideas at a speedy rate. These are people you need to inspire and impress. These days a block of text just won’t cut it, and can be easily ignored.

The What

Videos are versatile forms of media, and suitable for a wide range of content. This includes engaging memos, entertaining but professional announcements and compelling, informative training material. As upper management, videos will allow you to address your staff on a personal, familiar level that will go a long way in inspiring company morale. Put a face to that name!

The Where & When

Get with the times! Nowadays, if you can’t access something from a mobile smart device, you risk falling behind in the business world. Communication facilitated in immediate and direct methods works best, and video is on the forefront of this trend. Your employees’ time is literally money, and emails containing video are efficient, economic resources for your business, and can also be archived for future use if need be.

The Why

Let’s be honest; it works better. There’s less long text, more human interaction, and videos convey the message more efficiently. It can also be a branding tool; video allows you to improve and build on the company’s ‘personality’ and brand image internally for the employees, who will always favor working for a business who carries itself with an air of passion and pride for it’s team.

The How

It’s never been easier to source a reliable and talented crew for your video production projects. Crews Control has years of experience under their belt with selecting crews and managing the productions on a global scale. Contact them for a free quote!

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