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Why Is Video Marketing More Relevant Than Ever?

Posted by Cricket Capucci on July 18, 2016

Video Marketing is a must-have for every expanding business.

With online corporate personas and the consumer’s desire to interact with brands via social media becoming more and more prominent, video marketing is speedily morphing into the most efficient way to reach and engage with new audiences. Here’s why.

Online Currency

Think of videos and other media as online currency on the internet. Social media sites like tumblr, Reddit and Facebook are a marketplace for people actively seeking for updates, whether to be informed or entertained.
A well produced and interesting video will grab their attention, and ultimately pull in more business for your company if it’s appealing enough. Shrugging off the importance of social media is a major mistake that many companies make; it’s very likely that posting a video on a social media platform will garner a greater response than other traditional forms of marketing.


Online communication moves at light speed, and so should your company’s marketing media. Video marketing lets you keep up the pace on the news feeds of various social media platforms.
Posting videos tend to elicit more clicks and views, and they can be easily shared amongst users with the simple click of a button, getting your message out their faster. Remember, keep your videos short (nothing over 3 minutes) and the preview thumbnails visually interesting or else you’ll likely lose the attention of your audience, or defer them all together.

No one wants to watch a ten minute video that pops up on their newsfeed when they’re browsing.

Read more on things to keep in mind when producing a marketing video here.

Visual Stimuli

Take a look at some of the commercials floating around the world wide web right now. Old Spice, Coca Cola, you name it; they’ve all found ways of engaging consumers in thrilling ads. Some use a call to action tactic that draws in the viewers interaction from home via their website or social media handles, while others create transmedia story worlds that go beyond the video, creating a larger world within the marketing campaign that the consumer can explore. New, creative ideas that jump way out of the box are what is necessary for competing in the corporate world, especially ones that are inclusive and diverse of a wider target market, ultimately making video’s reach a valuable tool.
When considering investing in video marketing, there should be no doubt in your mind that it yields many benefits. The challenge is finding a crew capable of accomplishing all of your video production needs while giving you the time to maintain your busy schedule.

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