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5 Ways You Can Improve Internal Communications Using Video

Posted by Andrea Keating on July 20, 2016

Productive internal communication within larger companies can be a daunting achievement to reach. The trick to success is utilizing the most effective tools to increase communication. And the most effective tool of them all?


Here’s 5 ways that video can improve your company’s internal communications.

1. Lose the ambiguity

Miscommunication can be quite common; it’s not hard to read a memo and not understand the intended tone. Through video, lighter messages can be conveyed, creating stronger morale while maintaining professionalism and getting the message across.

Much more can be articulated within a smaller window and digested by your employees at a quicker speed, saving everyone time in the long run.

2. Meeting Management

Eliminate those tedious multiple in-person meetings. Need to gather a specific group of people together to divulge new information, but everyone’s schedules do not align? Video is the obvious answer.

The information can be consumed at any point in the day, and reach as many employees as necessary with the simple sharing of a link.

3. Be Human

We all know how tricky scheduling can be. If you’re keen on getting a large scale internal memo across to your employees but want to do it in person, chances are it’s much easier to convey that message via video.

People respond best when there’s face-to-face interaction, and with the capabilities of video and transmedia, articulating your messages in video form can provide an engaging, personal experience for viewers.

Having upper management appear in videos is a great way to create a sense of team spirit amongst all tiers and departments of your business.

4. Video is Eternal

Save time on planning, attending and orchestrating training seminars. Your new employees can learn the ways of your company via video without the repetitive time consuming seminars and their financial burdens.

Have to start an employee immediately? They can watch the videos on their down time. Just promoted an employee but need to send them overseas on business? They can access these videos anywhere on any smart device. The time, effort and payroll normally spent on seminars can be put to better use to benefit your business.

5. Invest in Confidence

Videos add an air of credibility to your company, and it’ll make the business look good to stakeholders. A well shot, professional video that is clear and cohesive will inspire confidence in the abilities of your company’s management, and show that you’re prepared to be on the leading edge of technological innovations.

Video is replacing basic text communication at a faster rate than ever before, and a company willing to embrace business trends is one that is adaptable, versatile, and has a bright future.

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