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5 Ways Outsourcing Can Enhance Video Production:

Posted by Kim Moseman on October 9, 2018

The gig economy is quickly taking over the corporate landscape. Many entrepreneurs and executives are seeing the benefits of expanding their team to include freelancers and independent companies.

Though this process can take several different names, it is most often called the ‘gig economy’ because each individual project or task can be thought of as a single “gig”. There are no long-term binding contracts.

Now you can outsource just about any service you need, including video. Most organizations think that sticking to their in-house team for a video production will help save them time, energy and more than a few bucks. Yet studies show outsourcing can increase productivity and competitiveness 10- to 100 fold.

When it comes to video productions, outsourcing a crew holds many advantages to your time and budget. But don’t just take our word for it. We surveyed some of our top clients to find out how using Crews Control and outsourcing a video crew is benefiting them.

  1. Travel Costs: Save money on transporting your in-house crew by using a local crew. Where ever your shoot may be, it can be very expensive to transport your in-house crew to that location. 66% of our surveyed clients said this is the best benefit we offer them when we provide a local crew in the location they’re shooting at. Not to mention, these local crews also know the lay of the land, how to navigate the city and much more about the location than an in-house crew would.
  2. Time Savings: The second biggest impact our clients said we help with is time savings in coordination. It can be time consuming to transport an in-house crew and their equipment from point A to point B. But by having the crew, equipment and talent already in the location you need them, more time can be spent shooting and editing in post-production. Contractors are also used to meeting tight deadlines so turnover is usually quick.
  3. Help Coordinate Multiple Projects: Out of our surveyed clients, 41% said outsourcing gives them the ability to manage multiple projects in multiple locations simultaneously. When you outsource, you’re not putting all your eggs (or staff) in one basket. Talk about productivity! The number of crews you hire at one time is ultimately up to you. When corporations only use their in-house service, it can be limiting because they are only able to work on one project at a time. Hiring more than one reliable crew for various projects makes productivity increase.
  4. Expand Service Capabilities: There is no need to purchase video production gear. Each video shoot you book is complex in different ways. What you need for one shoot, you won’t always need for another. By outsourcing, you can get and pay for only what you need in that moment. There is no need to have to make major capital expenditures for equipment that will quickly be obsolete. Because so many crews are available to you when you outsource, your number options for productions with a variety to chose from, your options for tech increases as well.
  5. Increase Quality and Creativity: With less corporate sameness thinking and different approaches on how something can be done, videos have the ability to be unique and different from each other. Avoid creative burnout by bringing some new perspectives from freelancers to the table. The levels of creativity can increase when different professionals from different backgrounds put their heads together.

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