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A7iii Sony Camera

Posted by Kim Moseman on May 9, 2018

Crews Control had the pleasure of checking out the new Sony A7iii weeks before it was released to the public. We talked to Sony’s David Snyder about the new A7iii and all of its high-tech features.

While this camera takes excellent photographs, it is also ideal for video. The A7iii is very similar to the A7ii but boasts more new features that make video a breeze.

The A7iii has 693 phase detection points and 425 contrast detection points. The previous camera had 117 phase detection and 25 contrast points. The A7iii also has 4K capabilities with a full frame on super 35 to really make your video stand out. 

The A7iii also performs better in low light than the A7ii because it has an ISO full stop beyond the old camera. It has proxy recording and full frame 4K with a 720 proxy recording file.

While the previous camera had only Slog2, this new camera has Slog3, which is available for 14 stops of dynamic range. Other features include a touchscreen with touch focus, dual card slots, and HLG support for instant HDR workflow. 

“The A7iii is a camera with incredible value and full frame capabilities for video and still without the need to compromise,” Snyder said.

The Sony A7iii was released to the public on April 10 and is available for purchase today.

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