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Animated Marketing Videos To Impress Your Audience

Posted by Lindsay Allen on May 26, 2023

Everyone uses video for marketing. That sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s very close to the truth. With the latest Wyzowl survey showing that 91% of companies market via video, it’s clear — video is no longer a differentiator in itself.

Making your brand look interesting will take more than creating video marketing content. This is one area where animation can help. The same Wyzowl research found that just over half of companies (55%, to be exact) use animation. By joining this group, you can market your brand in new ways.

Animated video can take a near-infinite number of forms based on your exact needs and preferences, from photo-realistic and bold 3D animation to charming and nostalgic 2D animation and everything in between.

The perfect animated marketing video production approach for your brand will meet your customers’ needs and preferences while bringing your company’s personality into full view. Animation’s freedom and flexibility allow these campaigns to thrive.

What Do Video Ad Viewers Want To See?

As with any kind of digital marketing, animated video production for an external audience is all about reaching people. You want your target audience to sit up and take notice, which means crafting branded content that aligns with consumer demands.

As for what those are, the most recent Motioncue survey revealed that:

  • 77% of viewers will watch ad videos, as long as they’re relevant.
  • 89% used explainer videos to help decide what to buy.
  • 61% downloaded an app after watching an explainer video.

The positive feelings toward video ads and explainer videos are good news when you’re considering launching an animated video strategy. Explainer video clips are a perfect fit for animation, as they provide a friendly, easy-to-digest way to present data to your audience.

More general video ads can also win your customers over by giving them a quick taste of your company’s branding, products and message. Since animation is such a malleable form, you can ensure your animated videos use the same art style and color palette as your overall branding, sparking a strong sense of recognition among your viewers.

cta 1 Animated Marketing Videos

How Can You Give Animated Marketing Videos Maximum Impact?

Customers are willing to watch and engage with marketing videos, but not every animated video will have an equal level of impact. What kinds of features should you build into your video marketing clips to make sure they’re living up to their potential?

On-screen text may be one of the most important elements of an animated video. Not only does it help you call out facts and figures in an accessible way, it also makes the clip understandable when viewers watch with the sound off. This is an essential factor on social media because, as Animoto explains, 85% of Facebook video watchers view their content on mute.

You can also generate visual interest by creating a hybrid of your live-action video and animation content. A live video with an animated interlude to explain an abstract concept offers more variety and visual flair than if you’d attempted to convey the same information with audio alone.

It’s possible to combine animation and live footage even if you don’t produce your own live video. Influencer Marketing Hub recommended splicing animation with stock footage to make an otherwise generic video feel creative and fresh.

An animated video ad can introduce your brand to build familiarity, explain a specific product so that customers will be comfortable using or buying it, give a compelling view of a client success story or serve virtually any other purpose. Whatever your customers most want to see, you can present it with animation’s infinite flexibility.

What Goes Into an Animated Video Strategy?

A well thought-out animated video strategy may end up giving you content you can use for years to come, such as intro and outro bumpers to play over your live-action or animated clips. You can also set up a reliable, repeatable production line to turn out more videos as the need arises.

Just because animated video is versatile and fun-looking doesn’t mean you should approach it with less seriousness than live-action content creation. Your strategy for creating optimal animated video content can benefit from one of the best practices generally associated with corporate video projects: Working with industry experts.

These team members can bring technical knowledge and industry experience to your animated marketing video production efforts. With so many companies using video as a digital marketing tool, it pays to consult with professionals who can elevate your marketing strategy ahead of competitors’ offerings. Achieving this level of quality without adding permanent salaries to the payroll or buying your own equipment is a key value-add.

Read Crews Control’s latest ebook on animated video to learn much more.


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