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Best Practices for Using LinkedIn Video for Your B2B Campaigns

Posted by Andrea Keating on July 11, 2018

  • LinkedIn targets business people. B2B companies want to target these people. Ergo, LinkedIn video is a logical choice.
  • B2B companies can either employ Sponsored Content videos or place videos on their LinkedIn Company Page.
  • LinkedIn video provides conventional analytics as well as a breakdown of viewership by company size, seniority of employee, and industry.

For B2B businesses, embracing the online video revolution presents a challenge. Whereas these companies rarely had to think about video much in the past, today they’re scrambling for video topics and tactics to keep up with their competition.

But in addition to figuring out what types of videos to produce, B2B companies should also think long and hard about where to place them in cyberspace. That’s where LinkedIn can help.

B2B and LinkedIn Video: A Perfect Marriage

LinkedIn introduced native video capabilities earlier this year to its user base, which has grown to more than a half-billion users. More importantly, people and companies on LinkedIn are less concerned about entertainment value and more focused on information when it comes to the content they peruse. Moreover, LinkedIn is by far the most trusted social media platform in terms of user perception of safety, privacy, and accurate content.

In fact, LinkedIn is the logical choice for B2B videos because the audience is more engaged and better focused on business-related topics. Almost three out of five executives would prefer to watch video instead of reading text online. Three out of four of them watch work-related videos on business sites on a weekly basis—and 54% share these videos with colleagues.

How to Use LinkedIn Video

There are two basic approaches for using LinkedIn video to augment your marketing strategy: Company Pages and Sponsored Content. Videos for your Company Page can either be embedded into your profile (by clicking on the Products and Services tab) or inserted into your LinkedIn feed (by choosing the Video icon where you would normally type text).

A more aggressive marketing method is incorporating video into your Sponsored Content campaigns (here’s a quick primer on how to accomplish that). You can specifically target the LinkedIn users who will see your company’s video in their news feeds, and they’ll be able to click on a “Call To Action” button to proceed directly to your website.

Types of Videos That Work Well on LinkedIn

So what types of videos should you display on LinkedIn? In addition to short summaries of your company and its products or services, you could present how-to videos on a topic of interest to your intended audience. Product demos, industry updates, and client testimonials are also tried-and-true tactics for this medium.

If you wish to be a bit more creative, you can also post regular C-suite vlogs or CEO fireside chats to promote your company’s executives as thought leaders. Updates from trade shows or other events will also interest LinkedIn viewers as will major corporate announcements and talent recruitment initiatives.

LinkedIn Video Offers Superior Analytics

Like the rest of LinkedIn’s offerings, its video platform is chock full of useful analytics capabilities. Of course, you’ll be able to examine how many views, website visits, and conversions you receive from your LinkedIn videos. But the site’s metrics include data categorization of your followers so you’ll be able to see your video’s viewers broken down by seniority, division/department, company size, and industry. That can be extremely helpful in tailoring a B2B campaign to accomplish your business goals.

As with any marketing approach, consistency and quality are important in order to achieve positive results. So map out your LinkedIn video strategy carefully, post videos regularly and strategically, and partner with a professional video production company for complex B2B marketing videos. After all, if you’re going to utilize video as a marketing tool, what better spot to showcase the content than on the world’s top business-minded social media platform?

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