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4 Companies That Used Video to Transform Their Marketing

Posted by Andrea Keating on May 15, 2017

The past several years have seen incredible growth in digital marketing, especially for corporate videos. Because of this, more and more companies are starting to shift their focus towards video marketing and using it to truly transform the way that they engage with their audience.

In order to help you discover ways to connect with your own audience via corporate videos, we have put together a list of five companies that have already taken the plunge. These companies have used video to change the perception of their brands in a very positive way. By following their lead, you’ll be able to do the same.

1. Thai Life Insurance

Life insurance companies are a dime a dozen and tend to feel quite impersonal. Thai Life Insurance fought this negative perception with their incredible video Unsung Hero. Take a look at the video here:

Throughout the video, we follow a man who performs random acts of kindness. At the end of the video, he uses his money to pay for a poor young girl’s education. The message is poignant and clear – money used for the right reasons makes a difference. In this way, Thai Life Insurance uses storytelling and tugs at their audience’s heartstrings while reminding them subtly that purchasing life insurance is using money the right way, by securing their family’s future.

2. Shell

As a company with a storied history that recognized the need to shift from traditional advertising to the digital space, Shell turned to video to do the heavy lifting. They launched a campaign around social entrepreneurs utilizing alternative energy to make the world a better place, helping people across the world and documenting the entire process. These videos act as a great way to tell a story about what Shell’s brand is really about, positioning them as an energy company rather than just a petroleum company. One particularly successful video, titled Best Day of My Life, garnered over 250 million views in the first three months and was one of 2016’s most popular videos.

3. Dollar Shave Club

It’s impossible to discuss companies that used video to transform themselves without mentioning Dollar Shave Club. Their corporate video went viral and put their company on the company. Currently, the video has over 24 million views on YouTube!

The video clearly takes a humorous tone, but what really makes it work is its simplicity. Dollar Shave Club doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t and doesn’t pull any punches. They quickly answer any questions a potential buyer might have – the quality of the blades and their price point. The humor drives their points home and makes sure the viewer walks away remembering exactly who Dollar Shave Club is.

Enjoy Dollar Shave Club’s famous corporate video below:

4. John St. Marketing Agency

As a marketing agency, having your own clever advertising campaign is extremely important. It serves the same purpose as traditional advertising, but it’s also the perfect chance to show your prospects what you can do for them. After all, why would you hire an advertising company that can’t advertise well for themselves?

John St.’s ‘catverising’ video is the best of both worlds. They ironically discuss how important cat videos are for businesses, but there is truth behind their humor – the Internet really has been taken over by memes. They’re showing that they have what it takes to cut through all the noise and get your brand noticed.

What you should take away from this Canadian advertising firm’s video is that you need to stick to your strengths and show your audience exactly what you can do for them. Whether you choose to use humor or not, your audience needs to walk away with a true sense of who you are and how you can solve their problems.

Here’s the John St. catvertising video so you can see for yourself:

For your own corporate video brand, it’s important to think about what differentiates you from the competition and what your audience cares about. Focus on these issues, and whether you decide to handle it facetiously or head-on, it should click with your audience and get results.

Completely transforming your marketing and messaging isn’t a simple thing to do. With the rise of digital marketing, however, it’s essential to your brand’s future. There’s more competition than ever before and they have the same chance to make an impression on your target audience as you do. In order to reach through all the noise and make a real connection, you need to follow the wisdom afforded by the five companies we’ve discussed above.

Once you’ve figured out how to leverage corporate video successfully, or even if you need a little extra help, Crews Control is there for you. We’ll help you get in touch with the perfect video crew for any project, no matter the scope or location. All you have to do is click here and we’ll reach out with a free quote!


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