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Crews Control is Getting Things Sorted with Pitney Bowes

Posted by Ashley Brook on April 21, 2017

Crews Control DP Tom Brunstetter recently shot video highlights of Pitney Bowes’ automated sorting process known as TrueSort. This automated parcel solution sorts a robust combination of parcels, poly wrap bags, magazines, and flats with speed and precision.

Even if you’re not familiar with scalable sorting solutions (and even if you’re not quite sure what that means), it’s hard to ignore the video’s quality. Tom was able to truly capture the operational challenges of sorting packages and demo the capabilities of TrueSort with engaging visuals. Take a look for yourself.

Tom’s video is especially impressive considering the tough industrial environments he shot in. Whether you need to shoot something in a factory, a board room, on-site with a client, time lapse of even under water, Crews Control has the right local DP who will assure a perfect shoot. All you have to do is click here to see what we can do for you on your next shoot.

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