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5 Safety Tips for Shooting On a Dangerous Location Shoot

Posted by Valerie Nolan on June 23, 2015

Safety should always be a top priority both on set and location. It is inevitable that at some point you’ll be shooting in locations outside of office spaces or in studio so it’s best to know the appropriate precautions to take in all situations.

Whether it’s on top of a building, on a boat, or surrounded by heavy machinery, there are steps you can take to ensure the maximum safety for everyone involved.

1) Acknowledge that every set can be dangerous

Regardless of where you’re shooting safety precautions need to be taken. From blisteringly hot lights to swinging steel arms to special effects, every shoot comes with safety issues. No small precaution should be overlooked. Double-check everything because when it comes to safety you can never be too thorough.

Take this shoot for example. Even though it takes place on a closed off road there are still risks that needed to be prepared for.

2) Look the part

Dressing for your day shouldn’t be about looking fashionable for behind the scene stills. Depending on the location where you’re shooting, your crew members should dress based on the location’s required safety precautions..

For example, if you are shooting in a warehouse, brewery, mill, or construction site, the right safety gear is required. This can include hard hats, steel toe boots and reflective vests. Remember, it doesn’t matter that it’s a film set – a dangerous environment will always be a dangerous environment and you and your crew will need to wear the protective gear to be on set.

For more information on ways that you can be safe on set, visit http://www.safetyontheset.com/

3) Properly scout the location
A proper location tech scout can go a long way There are things that an assistant director, gaffer, or production designer will think of that your clients may completely over look. It helps to confirm exactly where your director and cinematographer plan to shoot so that any safety concerns in the area can be addressed prior to the cast and crew stepping foot onto location.

Visit this link for more on what to keep in mind during a tech scout:

4) Keeping holding separate
Keep your holding area, craft and green room within reasonable distance of the location. Cast and crew will linger in these areas during down time or lunch, and the further away from danger they are the better.

5) Hire the right professionals
Professional crew members who have proper training will always have safety in mind while working. Specialized locations require specialized crew members. These are the kinds of people that you can rely on to keep your set is as safe as possible. But where does one find location crews who have the creative chops to produce a fantastic video? Contact us.

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