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6 Effective Trends to Incorporate into Your Corporate Video in 2016

Posted by Andrea Keating on January 21, 2016

The key to any great video marketing plan is making sure that you have a stream of great ideas to last you throughout the year. To help you draw inspiration, here’s a look at six fantastic corporate videos and exactly what makes them so effective:

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club’s corporate video is one of the most popular on the Internet. It has well over 20 million views. The reason that it’s so successful is that they’re not afraid to show their sense of humor. The owner of Dollar Shave Club, Michael Dubin, stars as himself in the video, talking about how great the blades are and taking viewers on a quick, humorous tour of the company. The biggest takeaway is that you shouldn’t be afraid to use a little bit of humor, as long as it makes sense with your target audience.

Another great point to take away from Dollar Shave Club’s videos is that you don’t have to break the bank to create a great video. In an interview with Entrepreneur, Michael talked about how he only spent $4,500 to create the entire video. Even if your budget is a bit smaller than that, you should be able to achieve great results if you’re able to show a bit of humor and creativity.


Case studies are one of the best ways to generate trust with your audience. People simply don’t trust advertising as much as they trust their own peers. Using social proofing methods like case studies are a great way to prove your claims are authentic.

GoToMeeting’s corporate video is the perfect example to prove that not every case study has to be the same. GoToMeeting eschews a standard talking head video style to create a more exciting format. They show exactly how their client was able to benefit from their services. It proves utility and even shows off a bit of their client’s personality. It adds authenticity to the whole video, giving their audience an honest look at what GoToMeeting offers.

Oracle’s Eloqua

Eloqua is a B2B marketing automation suite that Oracle wanted to introduce to the world via a video marketing campaign. The problem was that they had an enormous amount of information that they needed to put out to the public. Their solution was to put together a series of videos together instead, starting with this introductory video. They laid out many of the common problems today’s marketers had, and teased their audience with some of the solutions they had. Their next several videos dove further into Eloqua’s functionality and the specific benefits it offered an organization.

Oracle is a great example of how important brevity is. If videos run too long, your audience is going to stop watching or miss some important information. Keep each video contained to one or two main points. If you have a lot more to say, create a video series like Oracle did, or simply break a longer video into a couple different concepts.


Sometimes, people just want to get to know your business a little bit. Shopify’s corporate video is the perfect example of a video that’s designed to do exactly that. They take the audience through their headquarters, introducing their team and giving a glimpse of their corporate culture.

Best of all, Shopify doesn’t bother to delve into their services, or even mention them at all. Their single focus on introducing their audience is a great point to learn from – don’t try to do more than one thing for each video. Identify a key goal for each video, and make sure everything revolves around that goal. Tightly focusing each video is the best way to ensure its success.

Harwood House Bed & Breakfast

You don’t need to be a big business to create a successful corporate video. Harwood House Bed & Breakfast proves that even the smallest business can create a terrific video. The biggest thing you should take away from Harwood House’s video is how well produced it is. Every single shot and scene are made specifically to tell the story of how friendly, personable, and comfortable Harwood House is. They even scatter guest reviews and posts from Trip Advisor throughout the video, using every tool in their arsenal.

Virgin Media

Too often, corporate videos are dry and dull. They lack any semblance of personality and all feel the same. If you want your audience to remember the message you’re delivering, you have to show a bit of personality. One of the easiest ways to do so is by putting your own employees in front of the camera. Using an interview-style format speaks directly to the audience, keeping them engaged more than a voiceover would.

Virgin Media does a great job of showing how you can put your employees in front of the camera even if they aren’t ready for it. Virgin used a celebrity to impersonate their CEO, Richard Branson. In the video, Usain Bolt discusses how important it is to have a fast Internet connection, based around the fact that he’s known to be the fastest man on the planet.

Your business probably can’t afford Usain Bolt, but you might be able to afford an actor or two if none of your employees are ready to show off their personality on camera. If you need any extra assistance, hiring the right production and crew should ensure that your video gets results.

After viewing these terrific examples of corporate videos, you should have lots of ideas on how to make a great video or two of your own. Reach out to us here at Crews Control to book the best crew possible for your shoot.


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