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10 Tips for Shooting Video in Denver

Posted by Meredith Kain on January 21, 2016

Denver is a gorgeous and scenic city, which makes it an ideal location for a video shoot. This beautiful mountain town boasts over 300 days of sunshine every year, and its combination of city life and mountain scenery can give any video a unique perspective. Before you head out to the Mile High City, check out our top tips for shooting on location in Denver:

10 – Traffic in Denver is nothing like a densely populated city like LA, New York, or Tokyo; however, you will experience the typical slowdown in the mornings and evenings at rush hour. If you need to get across town in a timely manner, the $15 or so you’ll need to spend on the 470 toll road is well worth it. If you have to head up towards the mountains, the toll road is a good way to avoid rush hour traffic. Unfortunately this won’t work if you need to head downtown, so plan your shoot times and locations accordingly.

9 – In addition to roads that are easily navigated, Denver’s permitting process is also fairly straightforward. “This town isn’t permit crazy like a lot of cities,” says Crews Control represented DP Tony Cacciavvillani, “but you will likely need a permit if your crew is more than three or four people. Also be sure to clear things ahead of time if you’re downtown or on major piece of city or state property.”

8 – The Colorado Film Commission is very generous with incentives. In 2012 the performance-based rebate doubled from 10% to 20%, and the Film Office can also offer additional benefits. To see if you qualify you can apply here.

7 – Denver is an extremely diverse landscape with tons of opportunity for stunning b-roll. The best mountain shots are up I-70, according to Cacciavillani. If you’re looking for the signature mountain shot, plan for several hours even if you’re only going up as far as Idaho Springs.

6 – Red Rocks is another beautiful location for both b-roll and corporate shoots. The premiere music venue provides amazing shots of the rock formations, and a great location for interviews or action shots. “I’ve done car commercials there; I’ve also covered the biggest names in entertainment as well as countless interviews.” said Crews Control represented DP Bob Tatlock.

5 – Downtown Denver has changed quite a bit over the past ten years and makes a great place for a location shoot. The 16th Street mall is great for b-roll, Denver life shots, and man-on-the-street interviews.

4 – The capitol, city, and counting buildings are just three blocks off of Broadway in Civic Center Park for downtown shots. Union Station is another great place for b-roll, and is conveniently located two blocks from Coors Field.

3 – One of the best places for shots of the Denver skyline is from City Park by the Natural History Museum in the morning. “On a clear day you can see the mountains behind the city,” says Cacciavillani. If it’s evening time and you want to capture a skyline shot, I-25 and Speer up on the hill is the best place to go.

2 – Weather! Denver is a box of chocolates when it comes to weather, because you never know what you’re going to get. Winter temperatures can range anywhere from freezing to upwards of 70 degrees (F) in the wintertime. Be prepared, and make sure your equipment is well protected.

1 – There are so many food options – I received too many from our crews to list them all! Cacciavillani recommended a burger at Wynkoop Brewery, and Tatlock’s favorite is Root because of its dedication to sustainability and fresh, local food.

Denver’s thriving city and mountain landscape are only a few aspects that make the city a desirable location for you next shoot. It collects more money for the arts per capita than any other city in the US. Crews Control represents the most knowledgeable and talented crews all over the world, so if you’re need of a video crew in Denver click here for a free quote! Also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

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