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7 Signs You Should Invest in Video Marketing Services

Posted by Andrea Keating on July 25, 2017

One thing that many digital marketers agree on is that 2017 and beyond are going to be huge for video marketing. Take a look at some of these incredible statistics that show exactly how powerful video marketing currently is:

  • Almost 80% of all people watch at least one piece of video content per week, and 55% of people watch online videos every single day.
  • By the end of this year, an estimated three-quarters of all web traffic will be accounted for by digital video.
  • One-third of all people who own a tablet spend one or more hours watching video on their device every single day.
  • It’s not just consumers that are addicted to video: 75% of executives watch at least one video every week that’s related to their company or field of work.

Clearly, there is a lot of power in video marketing that you need to harness. The natural next step is taking the bull by the horns and making some videos yourself. However, it’s often useful to get the help of an expert. Here are seven important signs that you should invest in a video marketing services partner instead of tackling video by yourself:

Sign #1: You Don’t Have a Focus on Video Content

Most businesses, even smaller ones, have created one or two pieces of video content. That doesn’t mean you’re an expert or even good at it. If your business hasn’t put a focus on video content yet, you’re going to need a hand with video marketing services. The right company can take you from looking at videos as individual marketing pieces to a much broader perspective. In order for video marketing to truly succeed, you need to have an effective strategy from the very beginning. A good video production company will be able to help you take a look at your company’s marketing goals, craft the perfect message for your brand, and create content that’s aligned with them.

Sign #2: You’re Having Problems Bringing Your Visions to Life

Video marketing is all about creativity, and it can be extremely frustrating when there’s a disconnect between what you’re imagining and the videos you’re actually producing. This is a clear-cut sign that a video marketing services company is necessary. They’ll have the equipment and production expertise necessary to not only bring your visions to life but to enhance them in ways you didn’t even think of. Use them as a partner instead of a third party and the results will blow you and your audience away.

Sign #3: You Have More Ideas Than Videos

Another sign that you’re not handling your video marketing effectively in-house is when your to-do list starts getting much longer than the list of videos you’ve actually created. The most effective way to leverage digital content is by creating a steady stream of it, so you’re not going to see great results unless you’re continually making fresh, quality videos. Working with a team of experts lets you pump out great content much quicker than you could on your own. This is often well-worth the price of their service by itself.

Sign #4: You’re Not Getting the Results You Wanted

Video marketing takes a lot of time, effort, and money. If you’re working diligently to put together great content but not getting the results you had hoped for, it’s time to call in the experts. There are so many moving pieces that it can be hard to tell what’s going wrong. Are your videos not conveying the right message? Are you targeting the wrong audience? Is your video not being distributed properly? The right video marketing services team will be able to help you figure out exactly what’s going on and correct it as soon as possible.

Sign #5: You’re Spending Too Much on Video Marketing

This sign is a counterintuitive one. Usually, the best way to save money isn’t to spend more of it, but when you’re dealing with expert video marketing services companies, it does make sense. The right team will be able to help you finish videos faster, saving your time and perhaps even labor fees. They’ll also be able to provide their own equipment, which saves you from having to purchase or rent anything. Sometimes, doing it yourself isn’t the most cost-effective option.

Sign #6: You Create Videos Without Any Other Content Around Them

The more integrated your video content is with the rest of your marketing strategy, the more successful it’s going to be. With the right video marketing partner, you’ll be able to develop a wide variety of supporting materials that enhance and drive a larger audience to your videos. This includes collateral such as graphics (such as banners), email copy, tailored landing pages, infographics, and more.

Sign #7: You’re Not Sure How Effective Your Videos Are

One final warning sign that you need help with your video marketing is if you’re not even sure if your videos are working or not. After you create and launch videos, it’s important to constantly analyze their performance, determine what’s working and what isn’t, and tweak your future videos with that knowledge. A seasoned video marketing services team will know exactly what to look for and what changes need to be made.

Video marketing services

A strong video marketing services partner will help you analyze exactly how effective your videos are, helping you make even better content in the future.

It doesn’t matter what kind of corporate videos you’re trying to create, the right video marketing services partner can offer a great deal of assistance. And the best way to find the perfect crew for any video project, anywhere in the world, is by reaching out to us right here at Crews Control. Simply click here for a free quote and we’ll match you up with the crew that’s best-suited for your video.

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