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Don’t Try This At Home: 3 Situations When Outsourcing Video Is Better Than In-House

Posted by Andrea Keating on February 17, 2015

Video productions are never easy.

Rarely do creative professionals encounter a shoot where everything aligns itself perfectly, especially when the script requires a diverse shot list.

Outsourcing has become an economic and affordable solution for many companies due to its fantastic benefits. Here’s why.

1. You Can’t Afford Shooting On Location

You are in need of specific locale shots to be inter cut into your project. Problem is, the exact cityscape or ocean view you’d like is miles and miles away, and your budget doesn’t quite support the travel costs.

On-site shooting can cost a pretty penny, and transport, accommodation and catering on location can triple your budget, all for a few specific set ups.

If your project is on a tight budget, using a location crew prevents you from being forced to cut other costs that could affect the quality of the video and audio content. Being able to pay for a proper sound mix is more important than moving your entire in-house crew on site, when there are more accessible options readily available.

2. You’ve Got A Tight Schedule

You’ve got a deadline to make, and your in-house team already has their hands full with another shoot. Dividing your in-house crew would be a sacrifice in quality. Not having enough grips, proper location sound, or Production Managers and Assistant Directors to run the set could extend your shoot days by hours, and result in paring back on your shot lists.

Your editors will have less footage to work with, and you may not have the coverage you need to make your project feel smooth and professional.

Let’s not forget the equipment, too. Gear can be expensive, and that’s not including insurance. Outsourcing video takes care of the laundry list of production costs and technical details so you can focus on making those deadlines and pleasing your client.

3. Your Brand Message Has Outgrown In-House Ability

You’ve had a recent explosion of success this past year, and you feel it’s time that your brand’s quality is reflected visually. Big ideas require a crew that matches their size (in experience, of course)!

Getting the aesthetic of a jib or steady cam shot requires the expertise of cinematographers and camera ops that are no stranger to the equipment.

Training in-house employees will take time, and the daily rate of a more accomplished crew member will be cheaper than the cost of hiring a professional to teach your staff, especially if it’s for a technical specialty that won’t be used often or requires purchasing expensive gear.

So where does one find a qualified crew to outsource video content to? Crew Control has a massive roster of experienced crew members from locations all over the world that are available at the click of a button.

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