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Corporate Communications

Posted by Rebekah Toth Burns on January 15, 2015

Corporate Media New Zealand wrote an article that recently caught our eye “10 Powerful Uses for Video in Marketing” for The Comms Blog. The article reminds corporate Video Producers of the power video has in relaying information internally and externally, highlighting and reinforcing corporate culture, educate, inform and market to prospective clients, share business case studies, and give the viewer a glimpse into the mechanics of your business.

We thought it would be fun to expound on this list and add some new examples of corporate video done right.

Falling in love with your favorite brands.

Nothing sells corporate culture like video and Southwest continues to share the love in the most literal way. Getting married at sea is common place but getting married at 40,000 feet is another story. Talk about the perfect location for a video shot!

Harness the power of celebrity on the 2nd largest search engine.

Target helps their customers define their style on Target’s YouTube series TargetStyle. They harness the power of search and YouTube celebrity, by partnering with established YouTube personalities to host a handful of style series that range from home décor to fashion.

What does your company do again?

It is so easy to write scripts inundated with corporate company lingo that may confuse the intended audience which results in viewers tuning out. Accenture does a good job of capturing the audience and explaining all the ways that they help companies become more efficient in the digital space.

Sell your business to prospective hirers.

Every great business leader knows that a company is only as good as their employees. Human Resources Managers have long tapped into the power of video to target specific employee hires. There are plenty of HR videos that have employees telling potential new hires why it is so great to work for the company but fall short on specifics. Allied Pixel does a great job of telling potential interns exactly what they will be doing on the job while showcasing the Allied Pixel demo reel as well.

Video relays complicated information with a human touch.

So many things can be read between the lines with written content. A well done video can debunk company myths and share clear expectations. McKinsey & Company demystifies the process of case interviews for potential new hires to get the best results from the brightest problem solvers.

Never overlook the classic how to video.

If you are like me you search YouTube for everything from how to make a pivot tables in excel to replace a taillight. Ikea moves beyond paper instructions with their video series In the Making.

Creative B2B and B2C videos that solve communication challenges are priceless to the viewer and to the organizations that they serve. Whether your in-house communications department needs to create content about corporate culture, explain complicated procedures, or highlight services that your company provides video is the best medium. We would love to showcase your company examples of corporate video done right. Post your best work samples here to be included in our next “Corporate Video Done Right” series.

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