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The Benefits of Outsourcing Talent for Video Production

Posted by Crews Super Admin on February 23, 2015

When your company is faced with producing a video communications project, outsourcing creative talent is a sensible and efficient solution. Crews Control provides the expertise, strategy support and execution to seamlessly integrate your preproduction planning with the production team needed to deliver a professional video.

Outsourcing crew talent allows you to focus on your operational objectives with the confidence that the specialized experts we’ve matched you with are giving your production the detailed attention it requires.  A specialized production agency is a centralized source of talent where you can create the exact on-location team you need specific to your video project.  The major benefit for Crews Control clients is the limitless access to corporate video production expertise. Your existing staff provides the project’s strategies and logistics for your production and focuses on other projects you have in development to retain momentum.

Another benefit to outsourcing is getting a deeper understanding of your business through a fresh perspective. Knowing your communications department inside and out is more than living and breathing it each day. Relaying your message to your audience creatively and intently means knowing what it’s like to be your own customer. Creative outsourcing delivers this dynamic enabling you a view of your business, brand, and image from your audience’s perspective. The greatest impact you can have in communicating with your audience and in expanding your reach is to see your business from that fresh perspective.

Outsourcing is a lot less expensive once you’ve factored in indirect costs to produce your project.  You don’t have to pay for flights, per diems (i.e. meals and lodging) and travel time to get the outsourced local production team on location.  The cost of time and energy to arrange travel, comply with customs, arrange carnet, apply for visa’s etc, is spared when you use a local crew.

By partnering with Crews Control to outfit your production talent, you gain the support of our twenty-plus years experience.  We deliver DP’s with a minimum of 10 years behind the camera and a verified repertoire of expertise.  Whether your shoot focus is a multi-camera switched shoot, traditional well-light interviews, surgical, industrial, commercial, underwater or sports we can deliver the professionals your project calls for.

The best approach to hiring through an agency is to understand the dynamics of your project and communicating those objectives.  The best way to initialize your project discussion with an agency is by completing a call sheet.  This is where you’ll specify all logistics to produce your video.  Knowing this information in advance will simplify the process of identifying your specific talent requirements and help you plan for from pre to post production.  We use this information to match you with the talent, shooting style, and gear in the location you need.  You just provide the details; we’ll equip your project with the right talent.

Outsourcing is how our clients keep their communications capabilities at the forefront of progressively-changing media trends.  Whenever and wherever you need video production resources, call the experts at Crews Control.


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