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The Latest in Recruitment Videos: Lights, Camera, Hire!

Posted by Kacey Trent on May 2, 2013

Companies are not only going to online job boards and newspapers anymore they are turning to YouTube in order to recruit potential employees. Recruitment videos are becoming the new craze when introducing job seekers to potential companies that are hiring. Recruitment videos allow for the viewer to become acquainted with a company while at the same time the company is able to prospect to a specific audience in which they would like to employ.



The Importance of a Successful Recruitment Video:



Recruitment videos are important because they allow a company to target themselves to the audience they would like to hire. This makes it easier for the company to find the perfect match and the potential employee to feel comfortable and make the choice whether they would fit in with said company and its culture. Recruitment videos allow a business to tell its companies story, illustrate the company structure, and allow present employees to share their voice and project the essence of the work environment.



slate camera lightsHow to Execute the Perfect Video:



There are a variety of different ways companies are promoting themselves through recruitment videos. Some take on a more serious, factual, informative voice and others play up the atmosphere inside their company with humor, and a more lighthearted approach. No matter how you execute your video there are commonalities that every recruitment video should be mindful of.



Do’s of online video recruiting:


    • Do use a creative advantage to capture the essence of your work environment.


    • Do be conscious of the length of your video in order to keep your audience engaged.


    • Do target a specific audience.


    • Do convey an authentic employee experience.


    • Do identify a key message.


    • Do develop a question set that you want potential employees to answer.







YouTube Demographics: Who’s Watching?






Focus on your Target Audience



Who are you trying to target with your recruitment video? This link may help when distinguishing between the generations of veterans to millennial employees and help you decide what you are looking for within your workplace dynamic.



Recruitment Video’s: Who is doing them right?



Here are 10 Recruitment Videos that we believe have the right idea:



1. ZENDESK: Zendesk builds business software for customer engagement. Their video illustrates the life one will live in and around the business. Throughout their recruitment video Zendesk gives us a tour of Zendesk, its office, where they are located, where they work, what their desks look like, company structure, even where they get coffee and drinks after work, this video captures the soul of what Zendesk is about and what to expect when you come to work every day. Zendesk portrays to be a laid back company headquarted in San Francisco, California and targeted to college grads and millennial employees with a fresh Silicon Valley feel.





2. LocumTenenscom: LocumTenens.com is another company portraying themselves humorously by a well-seasoned recruiter with an annunciation problem; LocumTenens.com is a job board for physicians, PAs, NPs, and CRNAs where they can find a locum tenens or permanent job. Their target audience is anyone in the medical field looking for a locum tenens or permanent position; their video is one that is understood by all ages in the job market from gen-Xers to baby boomers.





3. GEICO: GEICO took a different approach with an entire job recruitment channel on YouTube. The channel focuses on college grads that are unsure of where to take the next step. They focus on explaining the corporate world of GEICO, answering common questions, and illustrating their office structure. GEICO’s video’s puts entry-level candidates at ease with knowledge of the company and understanding of the opportunities they have to offer.





4. KPMG: KPMG makes auditing look fun with their recruitment video. This video is targeted to anyone with a passion for auditing and travel. Their business is international and they make that a key reason to become part of the KPMG family, many opportunities for growth and acceleration all over the world.





5. APPLE: APPLE’s approach is a little different, they went for the solid corporate approach, their video is very informative and to the point. If you didn’t already know it. Apple does hire hacks. If you are the best…Apple wants you. Like Apple’s Co-founder Steve Jobs they stop at nothing to make sure that what they deliver is well beyond expectations. Apple is focused on the process not the product and are looking for anyone who is detail oriented, with a hard work ethic and possess the potential to make a great product with an eagerness to “change the world.”





6. Bank of America: Bank of America took campus recruiting to another level with their video. This video is a good example of taking one portion of an extremely large entity like Bank of America and focusing on hiring for all aspects of the Global Banking and Markets Campus. It is great that the audience hears directly from the CEO. They show the office structure and explain every part of the Bank of America corporate structure. They make it easy for a new college grad to see themselves as part of their team and fit in with their corporate standard.





7. HUBSPOT: HUBSPOT’s corporate culture isn’t corporate at all; they have a “work hard, play hard” mentality. There are a lot of perks when working at HUBSPOT but it’s safe to say that their employees work hard to be able to enjoy the incentives of the company. I found this video very enjoyable. HUBSPOT is targeted to computer savvy millennial employees with a casual vibe. HUBSPOT Looks like a pleasurable place to make a living.





8. Capital One: Capital one is a Client of Crews Control with its own YouTube recruiting channel. They are very detailed in describing every career within the Capital One corporation and are targeted to all audiences within the financial world.





9. Home Depot: Home Depot is about brand recognition and that’s what their video exemplifies. The Home depot recruitment video is very descriptive about what Home Depot represents, what they stand for, and what a job at Home Depot entails including benefits, growth opportunities, commitment, and excitement. Home Depot identifies a key message in their video and that is that Home Depot is not just a job, it’s a family.





10. General Electric: showcases actual employees and the actual employee experience from employees all over the worth. Their video is short and sweet, but packs a powerful recruitment punch.





Rate the Best Video!



Who do you think did the best job? Rate the video and camera crew that spoke to your audience most effectively. Let us know your thoughts! Please comment below, we would love to hear your input!


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