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Brand Innovation In The New Normal

Posted by Andrea Keating on March 15, 2021

Corporations have had to dramatically adjust their business strategies in the last year. Having to navigate ‘the new normal’ as it continues to evolve in an ever-changing world has proven to be difficult. As Q1 of 2021 wraps up and we get a better idea of what this year has in store for corporate communications, it is clear that brand innovation will continue to be critical.

When adapting to new WFH standards and social distancing guidelines, video has proven to be a quintessential tool to maintain communications. But the same old videos are not cut out for ‘the new normal’, especially when it comes to managing strong brand messaging during times of change. Below you will find a glimpse of our research and findings in our latest ebook.   

book stack Crews v1000000 brand innovation

Companies seeking to survive and thrive amid the difficult conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic have continued to reach out to their customers, keeping that connection strong and inspiring brand loyalty. With in-person contact minimized and media consumption habits changing, one channel has risen to the top: video.

Organizations of all kinds have had to innovate to maintain brand equity and awareness amid changing conditions. Staying with the exact strategies seen prepandemic would ignore the fact that audiences are in flux. Since COVID-19 began, 73% of U.S. consumers have at least tried out different shopping behaviors.

The present is a pivotal moment for businesses, with customer loyalty at a
crossroads. An innovative, video-driven strategy could lock in audiences for years to come, while a failure to rise to the occasion could see brands left behind.

To read more about the best practices for brand innovation in the new normal, click here to access our latest ebook

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