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Using a C-suite Video Strategy to Define Your Brand Voice

Posted by Andrea Keating on April 29, 2022

Keeping customer attention and promoting brand loyalty are two essential yet difficult goals for any business today. How can you hold onto your target audience when they have easy access to a wide variety of other brands?

One useful strategy is to ensure you have a strong, recognizable and unique brand voice. If consumers can attach a solid list of personality traits to your brand, that makes the company more memorable and can help draw individuals back time and again.

When creating such a strong brand identity, video content featuring the C-suite is one of your most effective tools. When viewers can absorb your brand tone and brand personality directly from company leaders, the message will come across clearly, spreading brand recognition and loyalty.

The importance of a strong brand voice

What would your brand speak like if it were a person? What are its deeply held principles? These aren’t frivolous questions, but rather pillars of defining a compelling brand voice.

As TELUS International’s Brian Hannon explained in an article for the Forbes Business Development Council, almost 90% of customers are loyal to brands that share their values. This means video content in your distinct brand voice can be an essential point of connection with these ideologically driven shoppers.

Your company’s C-suite executives can embody brand values and mission, explaining in their own words what the organization means to them. This kind of content doesn’t have to be a standard interview format. From product launch videos and periodic company updates to quick-hit video content for a social media post, leaders can become the full-time face of your brand.

While the exact nature of your ideal brand voice will differ based on your industry, size and specific brand values, having such a voice is always important. Every extra piece of collateral that may help potential customers remember and identify with the company has value.

cta 1 brand voice

How C-suite video can define your brand voice

There’s more than one way to have an executive take over as the face of your company. Some leaders are best suited to appearing in internal and external update videos, speaking authoritatively and calmly to your target audience and stakeholders, as in former Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke’s crisis response videos. Others are more personality-forward and can blend their personal brands with the company’s image, as with Richard Branson and Virgin. Executives can even use video to be very direct and transparent, as when Publicis CEO Arthur Sadoun disclosed the removal of a cancerous tumor via personal video.

Whether your company is aiming for a more reserved brand voice strategy or a personal charm offensive, it’s important to treat the effort seriously. If the video deliverables featuring your C-suite members have high production values and consistent messaging, they’re more likely to get their point across clearly and effectively.

Such a level of consistent control is the difference between creating a brand voice and simply releasing content. There should be an effort to make all the company’s content fit into recognizable themes and follow a visual style. After seeing several of these videos, your target audience will know what the brand “sounds like” and be primed to receive future content in the same vein.

The value of high-quality, reliable content applies whether you’re targeting shareholders, employees or the public with your videos. Crisis-management videos for board members, company update videos to connect with remote employees and product announcement videos for consumers should all be created with care to make sure they get their respective meanings across.

Creating high-quality brand voice video content

Once you’ve committed to creating clear video content that uses the C-suite to express your brand tone and messages, the question becomes “How do you make sure this content hits the mark every time?”

The answer to that question can come from third-party video production partnerships. It’s unusual for companies to have full video departments in-house. This isn’t a reason to skimp on video quality or production values. Rather, it’s time to connect with the necessary talent and ensure your brand videos have a professional look and feel.

The premise of content marketing starring the C-suite is that these individuals are speaking with the brand voice, expressing their own personality traits and conveying the brand’s mission with a consistent tone. Shortcomings in video, audio, editing or post production could distract your target audience or undercut the authority of the content. It’s best not to take chances and to work with experienced professionals at every step.
A partnership with Crews Control can help your brand voice video content strategy take off. An experienced Crews Control production manager can create content that acts as a strong representation of your brand values, customized to fit your executives’ personalities and your chosen distribution channel. Social media content marketing, internal corporate video updates and many more options are open with a Crews Control on your side — contact us now.

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