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8 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Video Podcast

Posted by Debbie Camper on November 18, 2019

In this blog, we’ll discuss why your company needs a video podcast. We’ll look at some of the benefits of a “vidcast”, and why using video can be more effective than other forms of digital media.

8 Undeniable Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Video Podcast

51% of Americans have listened to a podcast before and 55% of people view online videos everyday. If audio podcasting and video marketing are indispensable business marketing strategies in their own rights, then video podcasting compounds those benefits in a way and to the degree that neither approach can achieve on its own.

Check out Verizon’s daily vidcast aimed at it’s own employees to share company highlights across all business units. Available in both traditional podcast and video podcast formats, these brief two minute clips provide enough information to update a vast group of people and keep the audience engaged.

Here are just eight of the multitudes of reasons why videocasting should be a central part of any company’s overall marketing strategy.

video podcast benefits for business

1. People See You and Hear You with a Video Podcast

Time and again, studies have proven that people respond to information more when it is conveyed to them using more than one sense. Telling someone something, such as an audio podcast does, uses just one sense: hearing. Showing someone the same thing, like in a written text, is again using only a single sense: sight.

A video, however, employs both of these senses—sight and sound—at once. This combination of sensory inputs helps a message to be more quickly and effectively received and more likely to be acted upon than the same message delivered using just one of those senses alone.

Moreover, educational studies have confirmed this observation, noting that people learn new skills more quickly when they are shown how to do something rather than just told how to do it.

Adding the visual element to a message such as a video also makes your message more accessible to audiences. This is especially true if the information you’re conveying is visual, such as introducing a new product.

Bluntly put, more people watch TV than listen to the radio. The same preferences for audio-visual communication over exclusively audio communication can be applied to audio vs. video podcasts.

2. Video Podcasts Help Tap into YouTube’s Massive Search Engine

YouTube is more than just a video sharing platform. It’s a massive social network and search engine in its own right, and any marketer would be elated to tap into that audience.

While you can “hack” YouTube to post exclusively audio content, they don’t perform as well because audio alone is not why people go to YouTube or what it’s all about.

No, YouTube is for videos, and if you’ve got videos—like a videocast—to share, you can share it with YouTube’s massive audience and social network and inject it into YouTube’s extensive search engine for free.

youtube video podcasts

This allows you to capitalize at no charge on the multiple bounties of hosting, leveraging, and SEO—all with a single video podcast.

Once a video gets posted to YouTube, it’s ostensibly there and available for viewing forever. And, with Google now owning YouTube, not only do you appear in YouTube’s search results, but you also appear higher up in Google search results for your topics. This is because Google rewards content on its YouTube platform.

3. Vidcasts Have More Engagement

Psychologically speaking, people respond more to communication when they can see the person communicating with them face-to-face as well as hear that person’s voice.

Studies show looking into someone’s eyes, even if through a screen, helps human beings to feel connected to that person and more open and receptive to what he or she has to say. Visual communication builds rapport faster and more deeply and facilitates deeper, longer-lasting relationships.

It is these relationships that turn mere audience members/podcast viewers into paying and returning customers.

4. More Effective at Capturing Viewer Attention

Statistically, people watch videos for longer than they listen to audio. The average human attention span is eight seconds. The quicker and more quickly and effectively you can capture a person’s attention, the more likely that person will stay with you and your message beyond those meager eight seconds. Video simply puts more tools at your disposal to capture that attention and keep it.

5. Video Podcasts Can Boost SEO by Increasing Social Signals

vidcasts boost seo

In a recent digital marketing study, video posts received almost 300% more inbound links than posts without video. Each video podcast you post is another opportunity to build more links, likes, comments, and shares from viewers, fans, colleagues, and partners. This means more social signals, which is excellent for SEO.

6. Simplicity

With the exception of audio podcasts, perhaps, vidcasts are cheaper, easier, quicker, and more convenient to create than most other forms of marketing. Video and email marketing require a lot more forethought and planning than videocasting.

In part, this is because they’re meant to stand alone rather than as a smaller installment in a larger sequence. They’re more production-oriented than broadcasting-oriented.

In other words, videos and direct emails are made to communicate a message, whereas videocasts are made to build rapport. Instead of reciting a script, you’re engaging in conversation.

Audiences aren’t expecting perfect production values from a conversation like they are from a production. They are only expecting the conversation (and the speaker) to be engaging and interesting.

Videocasting allows you to be yourself. It expects you to be yourself. That’s a whole lot easier of an expectation to meet than other forms of digital media.

With the time and money it takes you to produce and deliver one direct email marketing campaign or video, you can broadcast multiple videocasts.

7. The Power of Association

People may not know much about you or your brand yet when they start viewing your videocasts. They may simply come upon your video podcast in a search for information your vidcast claims to contain.

Their choice to play your videocast then gives you an invitation to introduce your brand to them and show them what you’re all about in the context of providing them the information or entertainment they seek.

People naturally make associations between things placed together in space and time. Vidcasting allows you to put this phenomenon to work for your advantage.

By interviewing well-known or important people on your vidcast, for example, your viewers begin to associate you and your brand with everything they already like about that person. Likewise, if you shoot your vidcast in a location people know and love, you associate your brand with that location in their minds and hearts.

8. Public Speaking Boot Camp

Vidcasting can also make key figures within a company better public speakers and communicators. This, in turn, can make better representatives of your company at presentations, trade shows, meetings, interviews, and other in-person events.

If your company is looking for help with video marketing, need a professional and experienced camera crew, or are looking for help with animation graphics, let’s chat.

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