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8 Corporate Video Ideas for the 2019 Holiday Season:

Posted by Kim Moseman on November 21, 2019

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner! And with the holiday season comes the perfect time to show your creativity with a company holiday video.

But let’s be honest, some of these videos can be cliché.

Studies show 73% of consumers worldwide prefer seeing videos on social media that are “entertaining”, and what could be more entertaining than a holiday video this time of year? Corporations everywhere are looking for ways to connect with their customer base and are picking up on this yearly trend. And you don’t want to get left behind.

Here are 8 creative corporate video ideas your company can pull off for the 2019 holiday season:

1.A Classic “Thank You” Video:

Expressing gratitude this time of year is very typical and something that puts a simile on consumers’ faces. Having executives, managers and employees stand in front of the camera and thank the viewers for their patronage is heartwarming.

Add a creative spin to a traditional “thank you” video and make the setting in a location iconic and significant to your company. Take this Amazon video for example, which takes place on location in a warehouse.

Although this video is from 2015, Amazon continues to be the leading e-retailer in the United States. Viewers often like to see the behind-the-scenes of a service they frequently use and the happy faces of the employees of a company they support.

2. Make It Interactive:

With recent advancements in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, why not give this technology a try during the holidays?

Last year, this study predicted that 42.9 million people will use VR and 68.7 million will use AR at least once a month. AR and VR applications are becoming increasingly accessible for corporations across the board and can really take your standard videos to the next level.

Check out this interactive video from Conductor. Feel free to swipe and click across the screen to get a unique look at their office and employees, while also having a little holiday fun.

3. Holiday Tradition Article

If your company has yearly traditions, the holiday season is the perfect time to showcase those.

Shed some light on the history of your organization and welcome an audience virtually into those traditions as well. This strategy could keep your audience coming back year after year, making watching your tradition, their tradition.

Check out this web video from MIT that shows the MIT Women’s League designing and decorating three large holiday wreaths for the institute’s main entrance. Not only does the audience get some background on the organization, but they also walk away with new knowledge of a MIT tradition.

4. Year in Review

Now is the time to highlight your company’s achievements from this past year. Consider it some humble bragging in the spirit of the holidays.

Including animation and pictures to show statistics and past events reminds your audience why they support with you and may even inform them on some insights they didn’t know.

You don’t see it in this company video above, but we also recommend including some of your best corporate b-roll in a “year in review” video. Drone footage, aerial shots, and day-to-day b-roll shot by a video crew can give the viewer a new perspective on your company, in the way you want them to see it.

5. Holiday Music Video

Holiday videos are supposed to be fun! Now is the time for your team to unleash their creativity in a music video.

All you need is a green screen, some festive head-wear and a staff of employees willing to participate in some way. As you can see in the video above from eDreams ODIEGO, not everyone has to be an excellent singer to join in on the fun.

If you’ve got a smaller budget, consider vlogging a karaoke performance with your staff in your office. Pick a classic holiday song, dress up in some colorful sweaters and show off the many personalities of your company.

6. Motion Graphics

Add a little extra sparkle to your company video with some motion graphics. In the Oak Bank video above, the added glitter effect to move to the next clip is subtle, but keeps the audience engaged.

Simple motion graphics sprinkled into your holiday video can amp up any talking head or testimonial video, giving you the freedom to make your holiday video about anything you want, and still be entertaining.

7. Animated Video:

Have some shy employees who don’t want to be in front of the camera? An animated video is an excellent method to get your holiday message out to your intended audience.

This method also works great if you want to showcase some statistics and graphics, as well as any kind of holiday character, animal, setting you can imagine. With such a large quantity of freedom available for your holiday video with animation, your imagination is your only limit.

8. Company Parody Video

The show “The Office” was ranked Netflix’s number one show in 2019. This parody of the show for Blackstone’s holiday video is really spot on.

With the same music, camera angles, and acting personas from the actual executives of this company, anyone who has watched “The Office” before can clearly see what they are going for in this corporate video.

This video format also makes for great ways to sprinkle in this year’s accomplishments or inside jokes among colleagues.

And if you need a helping hand in producing your holiday video, whatever you decide on, you’ve come to the right place! At Crews Control, we’ll connect you with the best production team for your project, no matter where you’re located or what you’re looking to shoot. We also have all of your animation and postproduction needs covered.

Get rolling on your next great video project today! From pre-production planning to final cut, if you have a big idea, we want to help you bring it to the screen. Check out all of our services and reach out today for your free quote.

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