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Corporate Video Podcasts: The New Face (and Voice) of Corporate Communications

Posted by Andrea Keating on June 15, 2021

At a time when corporate messing is at risk of being drowned out by too much video content circulating across channels in the remote workforce, video leaders need a medium that stands out. Video podcasts are on the rise to be the new face (and voice) of corporate communications.

The video podcast medium is growing in popularity every year, but for the
moment, it is fairly novel. You can use this to your advantage, building interest in your show. We took a deep dive into the benefits of video podcasts in the corporate landscape. Below you will find a glimpse of our research and findings in our latest ebook.   

corporate video podcasts video podcasts

Every business needs to keep its employees engaged with the latest happenings as well as the company culture. This calls for a new standard communication channel, one that people will actually want to pay attention to.

In an era of digital-savvy workers, increasingly contributing remotely, what’s the ideal package for fun, digestible corporate messaging? Video podcasts.

Podcasts can serve a few essential roles, such as:

• Acting as a top onboarding tool and getting new employees up to speed on the corporate culture
• Keeping remote employees in the loop with the latest company happenings
• Creating a fun, compelling library of content that people will voluntarily want to engage with

Adding video to the mix can turn these podcasts into a durable, versatile multimedia product that works for a variety of companies, potentially including yours.

To read more about the best practices for corporate video podcasts, click here to access our latest ebook

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