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Crews Control Helps Shoot Wendy’s Founder’s Video

Posted by Kim Moseman on October 18, 2019

This week’s hot shot comes to us from Edmonton, Canada. Shot in late August, this shoot took place to secretly recognize the Wendy’s 2019 Founder’s Award Winner to a deserving team member at a local Wendy’s restaurant.

Our crew shot a ‘cover story’ that goes out to the winner’s restaurant to focus on their story and why they are successful at Wendy’s. Lutaf Moloo was revealed the winner on the big stage at Wendy’s Annual Awards Celebration at their franchisee convention. And boy, was he surprised!

DP Ryan Hollings said this shoot was quite a blur and very fast pace considering the restaurant was still operating at the time.

“The producer on site was absolutely fantastic to work with, he has been to a lot of Wendy’s restaurants around North America, so he knew the lay of the land, and was very easy to collaborate with,” Hollings said.  “The owner of the Wendy’s was also so accommodating with us, he made our jobs incredibly easy.”

Thanks to the whole media team at Wendy’s for allowing us a glimpse into this production and a big shoutout to the crew for making this shoot a success!

“I love Ashley and love working with Crews Control,” Wendy’s Digital Media Specialist said.  “No matter what crazy project I throw at [them], it’s always interestingly shot and professionally done.”

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