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7 Reasons Why You Should Produce a Video Series

Posted by Deb Nicharot on October 17, 2019

You already know what a video series is but may still be wondering why your company should produce one—and what it can really do for you and your business. Why are video series’ so valuable and why should they be a central part of your overall marketing plan?

7 Reasons Why You Should Produce a Video Series for Your Company

produce a video series

1. There’s Strength in Numbers When You Produce a Video Series

When a company decides to produce a video series, each successive video in the series connects to each of the videos preceding it. This creates a web of connections that makes the whole series and each individual video within it easier to find.

Each video leads to the next video of yours in the series instead of to a competitor’s video on a similar topic, and each one reminds viewers that it is the subsequent part of the succession of videos that preceded it.

Not only that, but search algorithms favor linked series’ over individual videos on the same topics. Check out Google’s recently launched video series about SEO.

When there’s a clear connection between the unique qualifiers (URLs, keywords, tags, links, headings, and description) associated with the individual videos in your series, search engines place even more value on that collection of videos together than they would place on the individual videos combined.

So, if you have a series of 10 videos on the same topic for which your competitor has but a single video, chances are high that someone searching for that topic will find your series ahead of your competitor’s video in search results.

2. Social Media Rewards Consistent Content Producers.

Social media channels value fresh content with which to engage their members above all else. Among the varieties of content types, video ranks the highest across all channels and platforms, from YouTube to Instagram.

Producing a video that goes viral on any of these channels is a worthy accomplishment, undoubtedly, but it’s also a fleeting one. Once people view and share your viral video, they’re always off seeking the next one to catch their whim.

To produce a video series, therefore, rather than just one video, however stellar, is essential to maintaining and building upon the interest and engagement you engender with them.

They each don’t have to be a viral masterpiece either to achieve the necessary effects. Sure, quality matters to a degree, but not nearly as much as consistent, steady and reliable quantity.

Even only reasonably decent videos, if released on a regular, recurring basis, demonstrate your relevance to social media channels.

Give social media platforms a steady supply of fresh, value-added content, such as a series that helps easily plan, package and provide, and those platforms will handily reward you with visibility.

reasons to produce a video series

3. Getting Your Target Audience To Remember You

Thanks to the ubiquity of modern “advancements” like smartphones, Google and social media, we now live in an age of on-demand instant gratification with the next new distraction around every corner. In this environment, it can be harder than ever to stay fresh in people’s minds from one moment to the next. But if a company decides to produce a video series, this can all change.

A series of videos helps you achieve the near-impossible feat of being remembered for longer than the time a person spends directly interacting with you. In part, this is because video engages multiple senses at once, which has been proven by science time and again to aid in memory.

Often an individual will forget about a video after they’ve watched it and move onto the next. But what if that next video they clicked on was your video as well, and related to the first video? Consider a video series an extra security blanket in the quest to make your audience remember you.

4. The Addictive Power of Suspense

Series of videos also help you stay present in people’s minds for longer than a single video because of a series’ unique ability to play on the emotion of suspense.

A series creates an ongoing conversation with the audience in which they grow to anticipate what may come next. They become “hooked” on the need to know where the conversation or story goes and increasingly invested in how it all plays out.

This push and pull of suspense and reward keeps you fresh in your audience’s minds even once the latest video in the series has left their screens.

companies use video series

5. Building Trust and Rapport Takes Time

Building any relationship to be strong enough to last takes time. In order to turn a viewer or visitor into a customer and, then, turn that one-time customer into a returning or even lifelong customer and fan, you need to stay engaged with that person regularly enough to foster and nurture that relationship.

For a company to produce a video series not only helps you stay in regular communication with your target audience, but it allows you to build rapport with that audience that transcends mere products and services.

By using your series’ of videos as ways for your audience to get to know you better, to understand why you do what you do, how you got to be where you are today, what your goals are looking forward, you make yourself real to them.

You become like a trusted friend or family member by virtue of how much a person feels he or she knows about you and connects with your brand.

By knowing you so intimately through your series of videos, the people in your audience, in turn, feel known and understood themselves. This level of rapport and trust is priceless when it comes to how and where people spend their time and money. And, this point alone can be priceless on its own merit; it can sway many businesses into deciding that their company should produce a video series.

6. You Establish Yourself as an Authority

When it comes to building trust and rapport with an audience, few things carry as much weight as authority.

Establishing yourself as an authority on a given subject makes you the de facto go-to person for your audience forever after whenever they have a question, need or concern regarding your topic of expertise.

Vogue has already established a reputation for being experts in fashion. But the multiple video series they create allows them to be a greater authority on particular niches within that realm.

Producing a series of videos demonstrates that your knowledge and understanding of your given area of expertise extends far beyond the surface knowledge that can be covered in a single video.

The deeper you’re able to dive into a topic and the broader you’re able to cover it, the more confident your audience becomes that you know what you’re talking about even more than other companies talking about the same stuff, including your competitors.

7. You Elicit Commitment

In his famous “6 Rules of Influence,” influence expert Dr. Robert Cialdini lists among them Commitment and Consistency. He writes that when people make a commitment to a particular concept or objective, they establish that concept or objective “as being congruent with their self-image.” This, in turn, makes it more likely those people will honor the commitment they made.

In terms of a series of videos, that commitment is the commitment to come back and watch the next successive video in the series once it’s released. With each video in the series, your audience watches and enjoys or finds other value in, the more compelled they become to watch the next one in turn.

By the time your video series ends with a specific call to action (CTA) your audience has already made a series of successively more engaged commitments to you and your brand. Committing to your CTA then becomes merely the natural course of events and the consequence of completing your series.

Ready to get started shooting your video series? Get in touch so we can get you rolling!

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