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Employee Branding

Posted by Kacey Trent on July 1, 2013

What is Employee Branding? What message do you want your business to give its employees? Our camera crews deal with this all the time. What is your company culture, personality, and image? What is your business structure like? Well, all these questions can be answered with one simple tool, employee branding. Employee branding denotes an organization’s reputation as an employer. As defined by Authenticorganizations.com, “Employee branding is all about influencing the behavior of organization members.

It is the practice of ‘aligning’ an employee’s behavior and often the employee’s point of view with the image that the organization wants to project to its customers and external stakeholders. Employee branding takes the organizational brand – the characteristics and attributes that the organization wants to project—and educates employees on that messaging. Employee branding is a tactic for generating ‘on brand’ behavior, behavior that expresses, presents and performs the attributes that the organization wants as part of its reputation or brand. It attempts to influence the interactions between employees within the organization as well as between employees and external stakeholders. The idea is that an organization can strengthen its claim to the attributes it desires when employees demonstrate these attributes.”

 Why use an Employee Branding Video?

According to Universum, employee branding has become a critical management tool working with over 1,200 companies and organizations worldwide. An employee branding video is a great way to relate, engage, motivate, and tell a story about your company’s philosophy and environment that goes beyond the standard career page mumbo jumbo. Making a branding video has other benefits along with the obvious, they help build SEO in Google searches, it is a fact that people remember video more than text so your message will diffuse? to your employees on a more memorable platform. Video empowers social impression and engagement; this spreads your message faster than that of text through distribution on social platforms. Video also acts as a sales team, showcases office settings, and work environment; it answers employee questions in a more interesting way. Furthermore, employee branding videos can be economically savvy to create.

5 Steps to Create the Perfect Employer Branding Video from Ere.net:

    • Determine how employee branding is viewed inside your company. What does employee branding means to your company?
    • Define employee brand objectives and project scope. Define your objectives up front, this will save you time and money in the long run and keep your production punctual and on budget.
    • The relationship between HR, marketing, and communications. Make sure all key stakeholders achieve consensus and are united in the objectives of ownership of the employer brand strategy, steer clear of all gray areas.
    • Discovering your employee brand. “The key to developing your employee brand strategy is to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of the organizational culture, work experience, key talent drivers (engagement factors), external perceptions, leadership vision, and management practices.”
    • CEO and senior management engagement. Have conversations about your employee brand with the CEO and senior managers in the early stages of developing your strategy; they will help you develop a picture-perfect brand concept.

Top Companies We Believe Have The Right Idea

Fitness First:

Encompassed lots of employee statements about what it’s like to work for Fitness First, also showed their true everyday work environment along with community involvement. Very honest, and authentic.

EA Tiburon Intern Video:

Goes from how to NOT make a video to flipping the switch to an “I’m on a boat”-The Lonely Island ft. T-Pain Parody of why it’s awesome to be an intern at EA Tiburon. I wouldn’t mind being a non-paid intern for this company, it looks awesome, and they have a ball pit in their conference room? What’s not to like?



This video depicts all the aspects at Twitter with a humorous ambiance, they show the companies true character and what happens within their walls between tweets.


Google had an “Art Wall Contest” where offices around the world competed with each other to form the most creative wall within their office, this video shows that Google tries to make work fun for its employees, work hard, play hard at Google.


Deloitte takes a simple approach to their video with simplistic hand drawn animations all starting with a circle, showing something small can become something huge with the right vision and motivation.

British Airways:

British Airways takes you on a time machine back to the beginning of aviation and give its employees the confidence that they can too be something great; we all had a start somewhere, even British Airways.


Chrysler tells us that they are what they are today because of a lot of hard work and this year it all pays off with luxury within their best product yet.


Intel makes you feel important from what their video showed me, its short and sweet but to the point.


Ernst and Young Global:

This video tells us a story of a woman who was down on her luck, but then received a phone call that she got the job at Ernst and Young Global! And everything changed. This video was very heartfelt and tells the viewer that Ernst and Young Global really does care about its employees.

Paul Sheeler:

Paul Sheeler shows us his take on corporate branding with his artistically inspired video. Paul Sheeler states that his video is “an example of digital content produced for a well-known safety testing organization, in this case a short video narrated by actor William Shatner, created to unveil the client’s global brand to their 6,000 associates at more than 50 facilities world-wide, and all on the same day. Drafting dialogue for Mr. Shatner required the ability to write to his established speaking style while preserving key messages and integrating narration with a complex animated storyboard.”

 Why is Employee Branding Important?

Companies should use employer branding in order to illustrate the company’s best attributes to their employees, giving them corporate awareness of their employers’ culture, personality, image, motivation within their profession and confidence that they made the best occupational choice.

Do’s of Creating the perfect Employee Branding Video

  • Do Define Your Objective- What do you want to accomplish?
  • Do Define Your Audience and Channels- Is your audience internal, external, or both? Do they fall into a specific demographic group? Can you identify attraction drivers for this group?
  • Do Segment Your Messaging- Go with more than one theme, different people are attracted to different messages.
  • Do Keep Them Short and Focused- Be mindful of the length of your video, you do not want your viewers to get bored with your video, always keep them engaged.
  • Do Be Authentic.
  • Do Use Your Own People- People want to hear the sincerity in the message from a real employee.
  • Do Use Stories to Communicate Your Message- Use your employee’s stories to communicate a specific employer brand message. They know better than anyone what it’s like to work for a company like yours.
  • Do Use Visual Techniques- Any different techniques you know of to engage your audience and make your video stand out would be beneficial to your production.

As you can see employee branding is not only beneficial but can be a motivational asset to your company. Employee Branding is an exciting way to introduce your corporate culture to your workforce, excite your staff and make them eager to start their career with a company like yours.

There are a great deal of different ways companies market their brand to their employees, which employee branding video do you think did the best job? We would love to hear YOUR input on this topic!


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