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Hiring a Washington DC Camera Crew: 4 Things You Should Know

Posted by Debbie Camper on September 29, 2021

Below are a few tips for hiring a DC camera crew that can make your video production a success and something you’re really proud of. These are recommendations that can also save your company from wasting time and money.

Let’s take a closer look on some tips that could help you ensure you have a successful video shoot in Washington, D.C.

1. Go Local

Always make sure you hire a local crew when filming your video. This is especially important for a city like Washington, D.C. D.C. is a place with numerous historical filming locations, sites with unique art, outdoor scenery, iconic buildings, and even intimate coffee shops and bars that could be great for your video project or for just taking a break. Plus, any time you travel, you always have to know where the best coffee shops are located.

Local DC video crews will have insight about what locations might work best for your project. And they might even have established relationships with the biggest filming locations that could otherwise be a bit difficult in getting access to without knowing key people.

2. Give Clear and Precise Information

Before you hire any camera crew, make sure they fully understand the scope of your video project, the details of your business, and provide as many specifics as you can. Surprises aren’t always a good thing. Especially after you sign a contract, make travel arrangements and have to make special adjustments at the last minute or rework a the video shoot plan leading to unexpected costs.

Additionally, even though a local D.C. film crew might know the D.C. area like the town they grew up in, it won’t hurt to do a little research on some locations or types of locations in D.C. that you think might work for your project.

3. Ask to See Recent Work of Current DC Camera Crews

Asking to see work of any DC camera crew is expected, and a great idea, of course. However, it’s important to ask to see recent work from camera crew members who are currently working and will be working on your project.

Like other industries, camera crew members may come and go. So, always make sure you know who you are paying to shoot your video project.

4. Make Sure Your Camera Crew has Experience with Your Project Type

Although a talented camera crew could probably shoot a variety of film types. Depending on the type of video you are shooting, you may consider a crew’s experience with that type of shoot.

For example, camera crews who are known for shooting music videos would probably have the experience and wisdom to guide you properly in shooting a killer music video. And, if you are shooting in DC, a local DC camera crew would most likely know what locations would work best for you type of project.

The same thing goes for business videos. Although many talented D.C. camera crews could probably pull off a pretty nice video production, camera crews who work specifically with business productions will have the knowledge, expertise and experience to make sure your production is totally on target. They can deliver that finished project to you that resonates with your ideal customer and hopefully converts them into a real life customer.

Recap: Hiring a DC Camera Crew

Hiring the right camera crew for your video shoot in DC can sometimes be stressful. However, it can also be exciting and rewarding.

Always remember to hire a local D.C. camera crew for your video project. These folks will know the area better than any outside crew.

You’ll also want to provide any potential film crew with as much specific information about your project as possible so they fully understand your vision for your video project.

And, always make sure you ask to see recent video work from the crew that is currently employed. But also make sure any film crew you are considering is familiar with your project type. In other words, don’t hire that camera crew known for their heavy metal videos to shoot the business video for your funeral home, things might get a little creepy and awkward.

If you need to find a camera crew for the D.C. area, let us help you. We have experienced and talented camera crews all throughout the world. We would love to discuss video crew options for your upcoming project.

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