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Pivoting Corporate Communications Post-COVID-19

Posted by Kim Moseman on September 22, 2021

When the world goes through a catastrophic shift, messages from the past become outdated in a heartbeat.
As COVID-19 took hold, a company that kept speaking to its employees and customers in the same old way would seem completely out of touch, losing the trust of anyone who heard those messages.

Early on, it became clear that leaders would need to keep their hands on the wheel, strategy-wise. Rather than putting an emergency strategy in place at the beginning of the pandemic and leaving it there, businesses have spent months in a constant loop of assessment and adaptation.

Through all these changes, official corporate communications channels became more important than ever before. When it’s impossible to interact with workers or customers face-to-face, communications strategies become the way to spread messages.

Dive into our latest ebook “Pivoting Corporate Communications Post-COVID-19” to get a better understanding at how video messaging and the way corporations talk to audiences and employees has changed since the pandemic. Below you will find a glimpse of our research and findings on this topic.

A pile of books with 3 business on the front of the book, talking about computers and phones.

COVID-19 changed everything about the way businesses operate, and its impact will be felt for a long time. Even the fundamentals, like corporate communications, had to shift to accommodate the virus.

Companies exited 2020 speaking to their employees and audiences very differently than at the beginning of the year. Mediums and messages both underwent forced evolution. Businesses are speaking in ways they never have before, using unfamiliar technologies and tactics. All this change will naturally have you asking: What’s next? How should I be pivoting my communications to better reach customers and workers?

The best way to plan your next moves involves looking back. By tracking the evolution that happened in 2020 and 2021, you can envision what’s around the corner.

To read more about the best practices for hybrid events, click here to access our latest ebook

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