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Future of Corporate Video: Post-COVID-19

Posted by Kim Moseman on September 30, 2020

As we roll into Q4 of an unpredictable and chaotic year, video teams and corporate executives alike are asking the same question: what does the future of video look like? With the added accommodating to restrictions and lockdowns, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where our industry is going and how we, as experts in our field, can evolve and adapt alongside it.

As a result, we started a new whitepaper series of in-depth ebooks focusing on key issues, growing trends and best practices in our industry much like the topic mentioned above. In this blog, you’ll catch a glimpse of our first ebook in this series “Future of Corporate Video Post-COVID-19”.

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The global COVID-19 pandemic affected every corner of professional and personal life, bringing widespread societal disruption alongside the pain and suffering of the illness. Business operations across all industries have been forced to slow down or pivot the ways they operate. In many cases, executives have turned to video production and streaming to replace in-person communications and events.

Video has been indispensable as a communication method through the crisis. And it has also evolved in this short time. That leads us to ask: How are businesses making use of visual content now, what new and innovative concepts have they introduced and what will the continuing role of video be as organizations resume full-scale operations?

Corporate video’s next chapter is just starting to write itself.

To read more on the Future of Video Post-COVID-19, click here to gain access to our ebook.

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