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Time Lapse in Motion

Posted by Meredith Kain on July 20, 2015

While we often discuss the different types of movement that can shape your corporate video, nothing beats the thrill of seeing it in action. We sent one of our crews out to a set of coordinates north of Lubbock, TX to film on location, wind turbines being built. The result was an awe-inspiring time lapse video that captured the construction of these giant structures – a process that took almost three weeks to film.

TL 7


The concept on this shoot was simple – the execution not so much. In order to properly capture the project in its entirety our crew used 3 GoPro Hero 1 cameras, a Phantom Quadcopter, a Canon C300 camera package, and a Canon 5D Mark III still camera with 3 different zoom lenses of varying lengths.


With plenty of planning and communication, the shoot was a great success.


TL 6

“Watching that rotor being lifted into the air had to be one of the top five coolest moments of my career,” said one member of the crew we sent out. “Each blade is 200 feet long and weighed around 150,000 pounds. The crane was doing all of the lifting, but the crew had manned ropes attached to pickup trucks on either end of the two outermost rotors. A strong gust would have easily caused a serious problem. The entire process was awe-striking.”


  1. Unfortunately we don't have access to the video, so we were unable to share it. Thank you for reading, glad you enjoyed the story!

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