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What Impacts Event Videography Pricing?

Posted by Deb Nicharot on February 28, 2023

Filming video at a corporate event is an important way to build a connection with your audience. In today’s communications landscape, live streaming has become a widely accepted part of corporate gatherings, and capturing content for later use — such as in highlight video packages — is a canny use of resources.

To create high-quality video in either form, you will have to decide on a strategy before the corporate event begins. Should you try to take control of videography internally or entrust the process to an expert crew? A large part of that decision will inevitably come down to the cost of different elements and the resulting price tag.

There are a range of expenses associated with any on-the-ground event video production services. It’s important to understand the full lineup going in, because failing to invest in these areas could negatively impact the resulting content.

Factors affecting event videography pricing

If you decide to handle event videography with minimal outside help, your team may end up shouldering a number of costs. These are the kinds of items that get rolled into the cost when you work with an external crew. The following is a key selection of these expenses:

  • Equipment: Your corporate event video content should be captured on the best possible audio and video gear. Today’s audiences are accustomed to watching videos, and they can tell the difference between high-quality content and more amateur efforts. For an in-person corporate event, you’ll need one or more professional cameras, microphones, lights and a reliable computer to maintain a live stream. A virtual event requires less gear, but reliability remains crucial: A tech failure will take the whole conference down.
  • Staff coverage: The correct number of people for each event depends on the size and sophistication of the production. Trying to save on salary by going with a skeleton crew may have a negative effect, as you’ll need one operator per camera, as well as at least one crew member handling sound, along with additional grips or production assistants to keep things moving smoothly throughout the job. An all-virtual event should have a crew of at least two, one on video and one on audio.
  • Types of video: Equipment and personnel investments will necessarily increase if you try to capture extra types of video at an event. Having a parallel team producing behind-the-scenes content for social media is a useful type of additional video, as is editing together a highlight video after the fact. Just bear in mind that the post production and studio costs for making on-demand video will add to the price tag.

Rather than working up a budget for event videography services piecemeal — buying or renting equipment, reassigning staff, performing separate video editing work after the fact — you can simplify matters by working with an expert video crew. This approach combines reliable quality with a predictable price tag.

live events ebook CTA scaled Event Videography Pricing

Different types of events and resulting content

A corporate event can fulfill one of several roles, and the video that comes out of the gathering can do likewise. A few common examples include:

Industry conferences

Gatherings of companies in a similar field, where experts can share their views, businesses can display their products and employees can network with one another. Video can include:

  • Promotional videos around products debuting at the event.
  • Live streams of presentations featuring your stakeholders.
  • Behind-the-scenes content from your company’s booth.

Business events

You don’t have to exclusively attend gatherings held by third parties. By throwing your own user conferences, company summits or product launch galas, you can take control of the agenda. Video from these events may include:

  • Keynote speech and discussion session live stream feeds.
  • Announcements and video marketing for product launches.
  • Highlight video packages to promote the next event.

Whether you’re presenting at an industry-wide conference, hosting your own event or even capturing on-the-ground raw footage at a gala or awards ceremony, your brand can benefit immensely from investing in event videography.

The impact of an expert video crew

Working with Crews Control for your next video production means finding a way to simplify the math behind the production, while being certain you’re getting high-quality work. It’s not common for organizations to have full video production services under their own roofs, and trying to build out this capability could represent a large, unpredictable expense.

Crews Control video experts are all experienced video professionals, equipped with the latest and greatest filmmaking gear. Whether you need a simple videography package or specialized content such as drone footage, these filmmakers know the best ways to deliver high-quality content.

Crew members from Crews Control have expertise that goes beyond technical skill, as they’re also knowledgeable about their respective regions and know how to navigate their cities. From assessing the suitability of a venue to performing post production and video editing, these skilled team members can take on any and all aspects of corporate event video content creation.
Read our ebook to learn about overcoming the challenges of live event video production or request a free quote today.

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