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Making Use of Event Video for Your Business

Posted by Lindsay Allen on February 28, 2023

A live event in today’s business climate doesn’t have to be limited to its time and place. Whether through live video streams, on-demand video content or both, companies can reach large audiences by using their events as raw materials.

An increasing number of businesses are discovering just how powerful on-location can be, following the sharp rise in virtual and hybrid events as industries came back from COVID-related shutdowns. With the right video crew and equipment, your organization can unlock the true potential of your next event.

Live streams and on-demand video play different roles — considering how these content types tie into your needs is a good first step in planning a video strategy for your next event.

Live event video: Harnessing the power of live streams

The value of live stream content comes from its ability to welcome a wider target audience into your next event. Creating a hybrid event is a way to expand your company’s reach beyond your home country or content, and live video also allows you to create a low-cost way to attend. There’s no need for travel expenses or scheduling complexities when viewers can tune in via stream.

A purely virtual event, like those that kept the conference sector active during COVID-related shutdowns, provides an even lower-overhead way to give presentations or host discussions. By embracing live video events, you can turn product reveals, partnership announcements and other corporate milestones into opportunities to engage directly with an audience of live viewers.

Of course, when creating these live event videos, you can’t settle for low-quality visual and audio experiences. Virtual event attendees today are very accustomed to viewing live video content, which has raised their standards. Matters which may seem trivial at first, like making sure the venue for a broadcast has a wired internet connection rather than just Wi-Fi, can play a major role in determining the quality of the stream.

Even a relatively straightforward, purely online conference is best produced by a professional crew, with at least two team members providing assistance — one filming the visual feed and one handling sound. For a full-scale live event, there should be at least one operator for each camera, plus experts in charge of audio and overall direction.

live events ebook CTA scaled event video

On-demand event video: Creating rich promotional content

If a live event video is a way to expand the geographic reach of your corporate event, on-demand content provides the means to make the long tail of the gathering go on for weeks or months.

The video clips you capture at a corporate event can range from quick behind-the-scenes video clips to full uploads of presentations and speeches. While the former is a great way to humanize your team and build social media engagement, the latter can be a powerful and informative piece of collateral. You can even gate these event videos and use them as a way to collect customers’ contract info.

One of the most common forms of live event video content is the event recap or hype video reel. This type of short compilation, viewable on social media platforms, is a great way to build excitement and interest for a future event, using real footage to promote the upcoming event.

As with live video, quality matters when it comes to on-demand content. Effective editing and post production can make the difference between a compelling highlight video and one that can’t keep viewers’ attention. There should be expert personnel involved at every step of the process, capturing the video at the event, transferring the large files for later use and cutting together the raw footage into releasable forms.

Expert video crews: Delivering the live event content you need

Your organization may lack the in-house personnel to create a full-scale live event video production. This is perfectly normal — few companies have a professional video crew on the payroll. It doesn’t, however, mean you should settle for lower quality, or miss out on opportunities to generate content at your next event.

The solution to this quandary is to work with an expert video crew capable of coming to your event with the expertise and equipment to capture the footage you need. These professionals can turn their attention to producing both live and on-demand clips that will present the event in the best possible light, whether you’re hoping to reach a wider live audience, stock up on evergreen content or both.

When you find your video production team through Crews Control, you’ll be matched with experts who know their region, adding an extra layer of potential: These are professionals who can make the most of the venue and surrounding area to capture ideal material for your brand’s needs.

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