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The 10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Corporate Video Production

Posted by Andrea Keating on February 8, 2018

According to consultant Outsourcing Insight, “In the upcoming year, there will be a rise in freelance and independent outsourcing” of a variety of business-related activities. It’s a trend that’s been on the upswing for many years, and it will continue as technological advances increase efficiency and lower costs.

Your company probably outsources one or more of its functions. So why would you even consider trying to produce your corporate videos by yourself?

Here are ten advantages that come with outsourcing corporate video production:

1. You avoid the initial capital expenditure.

In the past, some companies have tried to build their own in-house video production team. The aim was to maintain full control over the availability of the equipment and personnel.

The trouble is, that equipment is expensive. After you shell out money for cameras, microphones, editing software, lights, and other production gear, you’ll then have to configure a studio with adequate power sources, soundproofing, and other specifications. Outsourcing lets you avoid all that expense.

2. You don’t pay for downtime. 

Any in-house production crew is only valuable when they are actually producing video content. There will probably be times when salaried employees won’t have any projects to work on—but they’ll still be getting paid.

Even if you compensate employees hourly, they’ll still have to maintain their facility and service their equipment—something you wouldn’t have to worry about with outsourcing. Plus, when you hire a production crew, they only charge you for the hours they work on your project(s).

3. You have access to a bigger team. 

Companies who want to minimize (or avoid) paying full-time video production employees night try to designate marketing reps or salespeople as their “in-house” media personnel. What winds up happening is that these individuals are stretched so thin that they are unable to perform either job adequately.

In contrast, production companies can utilize and/or hire anyone they need to work on your video. And these crew members will be highly-skilled at performing their assigned duties instead of trying to wear several hats at once.

4. Your video will be produced more efficiently. 

“Part-time” in-house video production employees are usually learning many techniques or procedures on the fly. As a result, the process of making a video tends to be slower and less efficient—especially if something goes wrong (with software, equipment, etc.)

Because video productions crews create videos for a living, they’re faster and more organized when it comes to setting up for a production session, managing shoot schedules, and troubleshooting issues. And when they save you time, your company saves money.

Corporate video production

5. You have access to a professional studio. 

Most production companies either own or lease a fully-functional production studio. These facilities usually combine pre-configured sets, pre-set lighting systems, “green walls” for digital backgrounds and graphics, editing bays, and much more.

While many in-house video production setups are functional, they are usually limited in what they can accomplish and how often they can upgrade. (See number 6)

6. You have access to better production equipment. 

In most corporate environments, video production is viewed as a cost center. Consequently, getting permission to upgrade equipment or buy new software can be a lengthy and arduous process—meaning that these facilities rarely have the most up-to-date technology.

Since production companies market themselves as video experts, it’s imperative that they remain on the cutting edge of production technology.

7. You have access to better post-production tools—and the necessary knowledge base.

Sure, companies can purchase graphics/editing software to improve the look of their videos and expand their production potential. But will in-house personnel really be able to learn all of the quirks and tricks of this technology in order to leverage it for its maximum value?

Not only do video production companies boast top-of-the-line post-production capabilities, but they’re also staffed by people who work with these tools every day. Bottom line: if your company wants a certain special effect or visual element, a professional video editor or graphics designer probably knows how to deliver it.

Corporate video production

8. You can avail yourself of their creative input. 

Many times, companies have a few thoughts about their message and goals of their content, but they are sometimes challenged on how to keep the message and presentation fresh. This usually leads to either conducting lengthy idea formulation sessions or settling for reductive, conventional video presentations to save time.

Outsourcing your video production gives you access to highly creative people who know how to communicate through video who have the advantage of working with a variety of clients. They’re bound to come up with some attractive ideas that will capture your audience’s attention and improve their chances of responding favorably to your video content.

9. Your company probably has blind spots. 

This has nothing to do with cameras or their ability to shoot footage of your office. Rather, your team is probably so focused on specific areas and functions that they lose their perspective regarding what people outside your company may think.

Outsourcing video production brings fresh sets of eyes to your company, its brand, and its mission. And the capacity to better view the “big picture” can only improve the ability of the video to deliver its message to its viewers.

Corporate video production

10. You can more easily get non-local shots. 

Unless your company has a significant travel budget, it probably can’t afford to send its personnel to faraway places to record video. Therefore, it can be cost-prohibitive to get video footage from client locations, other corporate branches, or out-of-town trade shows.

But when you outsource your video production, it only takes a phone call or an email to arrange for an on-site crew to obtain the video footage you need. (If you partner with Crews Control, you’re guaranteed a highly-skilled, professional crew that can get you exactly what you need anywhere in the world!)

Since 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video by 2020, your company will have an increased demand for high-quality video content in order to compete in the marketplace.

For more information on outsourcing your corporate video, contact us today!


  1. I like that you mentioned that hiring a video production service will gives you access to an already trained team. I feel like this will not only give the video higher quality, but also help with the speed it is produces. My friend works at a larger business, so I think he may be interested in reading this article. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I like what you said about outsourcing full video production to create corporate videos. I like seeing companies hiring professionals to do the work they are trained for, which always makes for a better production. Thanks for the information about how an outside company wouldn’t lose their perspective on things like those within a company might and make a video that is fresh and attracts more of an audience.

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