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5 Qualities Every Corporate Video Should Have

Posted by Cricket Capucci on March 30, 2015

Creating a successful corporate video can be a daunting task. You need to not only convey your message, but also engage and retain your audience.

Here’s five qualities every corporate video needs to have:

1) Clear Message

There should be no confusion surrounding the purpose or message of your video. The script should get to the point immediately, be time considerate, and economic in the way information is presented without jumping through any unnecessary hoops.

Example: The video below is a perfect example of clear brand messaging. Ume.net makes a fantastic comparison between the online and ofline experiences, arguing that online lags are as ridiculous as the offline ones, and that nobody should experience slow Internet speed. The use of humor helps deliver the message and makes the video very enjoyable to watch.

Tip: when brainstorming ideas for your corporate video, focus on one benefit only.

2) Put a Face to the Name

The message you are trying to articulate in your video will be better received if the audience has someone to relate to. Having an approachable identity – whether it’s a figurehead of the company or just great casting – will give your audience a stronger sense of association to your brand.

Example: Nike is well-known for their ads. Their YouTube channel has close to 2 million subscribers. One of the tricks they use is filming football players that are loved by the fans worldwide. In this video regular football-loving boys become famous players, such as Ronaldo, Neymar, Rooney and Ibrahimovic, even if for a few minutes. What a great way to show aspiring athletes that anything is possible and anyone can become a top-class champion! Although it is a commercial, it doesn’t “sell”. Instead, it inspires and motivates.

Tip: Identify one or a few personas that your target audience relates to. Use them in the video to deliver your message. And whether you are selling a product, new procedure or policy change  always remember: people buy from the those they like. 

3) Reflect the Brand

Brand integrity is important. Your production company should be able to appropriately depict your brand’s values, message, and mission all while maintaining cohesive marketing consistency. They should be able to visually represent your brand in a positive light with a call to action that inspires it’s audience to be an active part of your company.

Example: How many times have you boarded the plane just to spend 5 minutes listening to the same boring safety instructions? You could probably recite them by now from memory. Air New Zealand saw a great opportunity and decided to make a video that will not only show the instructions, but will also represent their brand.

Tip: Look for opportunities everywhere. Extend your brand personality to even the most standard channels. They might turn out to be the best ones since nobody is expecting safety, training, or recruitment videos to be creative. Make sure yours are.

4) Written for a Target Demographic

A corporate video targeting an 18 to 35 demographic needs to be written differently than one for a 35 to 55 demographic. The script is the skeleton of any project and often the writing is neglected in corporate videos. One size fits all does not work in today’s targeted media messaging environment.

Dialogue and content need to be worded in a way that will compel the video’s target viewers. Not only that, but the area in which the video will be consumed also plays a role. Flat and boring content will disengage an audience in a matter of seconds.

Example: Sometimes you don’t need a special spokesperson to get your viewers’ attention. Sometimes you will see that using regular people in your videos is just as powerful. Dove invented special patches that make women feel more beautiful and confident. The secret ingredient was a shock to everyone. This is a great example of a corporate video that speaks to all women who have self-confidence issues from time to time. Not a bad target demographic to have, don’t you agree?

Tip: Selecting your target demographic should be the very first step of your video planning process. This will dictate the tone, the benefit, the message and the visuals for your future video. 

5) Slick Visuals and Design

Your video’s visual content shouldn’t fall flat either. Don’t be afraid of creative suggestions; interesting but appropriate cinematography will appeal to the viewer’s eye and immerse them much more than the same shots they’ve seen a hundred times before. If the majority of your video consists of fonts and a ‘talking head’, pay attention to wardrobe colors, backgrounds and sharp typefaces.

Example: What can be better than Christmas, cute animals, true friendship, love and presents? Seems like John Lewis department stores figured out a perfect formula for a holiday corporate video. The execution of the video is impeccable and make us want to be a part of it.

Tip: Your message and idea will be much easier to deliver if your visuals are high quality. Always keep in mind things such as models, costumes, interior and exterior design, color scheme and shot angles that are used.

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